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Tipton honda el cajon ca unethical liars

Tipton Honda #631897
Service department charges about 70% more than other compitent repair facilities. My 2004 Honda Pilot transmission gave out at 70,000 miles. I limited into their facility and was quoted $6,300 for a transmission replacement. I didn't realize that that was$2,300 more than anyone else has been charged throughout the U. S. until doing a computer search. To add insult to injury they called me to authorize an additional $2,000 charge to remove 4 bolts which hold the transmission in place. That would be $500 per bolt. I quickly went to their shop and told them that there was no way I would submit to extortion and they backed down. Next they told me the work would need "alignment" costing $200. I told them to forget the alignment. All told, Tipton Honda wanted me to pay $8,500 for a job that should cost less than $4,000. Going to Tipton Honda is like going to a Los Vegas casino. They will try to take all your money and your shirt as should avoid this place unless you are very wealthy.
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