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A scam

Green Motion Malta #630320
Oh my! This is so similar to my experience of Green Motion in Malta just a week ago I shudder. It spoiled our holiday there. But you've brought something up I couldn't spot without your post; my credit card was ALSO declined... I thought it might be because the agent said all the deposit would actually be withdrawn... so I spent half an hour on my mobile back to England to organise a larger credit limit. But I already had my own excess insurance and when my card was declined (which it never has been before) the agent tried to sell me their expensive daily insurance. I wonder!

Please read my post too and work out if they STOLE money from you on TOP of the disgusting charges...
Work out how much the fuel would have been by how big the tank of your rental car was and how much the regulated price of fuel at the tank was...
Then add the disgusting percentage (35% in my case). And see if they add up! Even after the filthy 35% they STOLE another 15 euros + off me.
Thieving swindelers!

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Green Motion #630295
It's almost amusing, Green Motion, that you come on to post when someone cancels and yet don't reply to the issue in the main post itself, or indeed the hundreds of other issues from people you've ripped off across the world.
I laughed out loud to read someone canelled. Oh yes, it's just one small person.. but you can't rip the world off forever without people hating you and turning their backs. You point blank STOLE money from me too. On top of trading underhandedly. And I'm not anonymous so you can't brush my comment off... I'll post my own experience in detail too so other would-be customers can cancel away.
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Dear Mary

I am the owner of Greenmotion Stansted.

Please be assured we are dealing with the main post.

It may be best we take your issue offline and discuss further.

Contact me on stansted@***.com

I am happy to get the BVRLA involved in this case to mediate which is the industry regulator that all majors are members.

Kind regards

Matthew Jones