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Green Motion Malta - Green Motion hire cars are THIEVES.

I'm English and hired a Green Motion car for use in Malta for 7 full days through Car Trawler comparison site. The agent was Malta Best Car hire. It ruined my holiday. On top of the following 6 issues I alsodescride below how they have purely robbed me. Issues: 1. Car was hired on the basis you get it full of fuel and return it empty. And in the agreement it said "The price per litre charged by the rental agent may be higher than the price at the local service station". But on arrival I found this was 35% EXTRA! Now, it might be I let myself in for this, being stupidly trusting that a large company would not rip me off. But I think it's utterly disgusting and I've informed the Office of Fair Trading in England as they have only recently dealth with other holiday service providers concerning lack of transparency with fees which should be clear and apparent before sale. 2.The Malta Best agent told us the car was new so we gave no thought to get a form showing any damage. But, on reaching the car (which we were directed to rather than shown) I realised there were scratches on all the bumpers and a small dent and marks so I went back to find him. He tried to fob me off saying 'we already know about it'. I had to insist several times before he brought a sheet and filled it in with me. Reading other reviews of Green Motion charging spurious fees for damage that wasn't caused makes me relieved I did this. 3. The Malta Best agent told me ALL the excess deposit needed to be actually withdrawn from my credit card. I'd never experienced this anywhere else, where only a copy of my card was left. Returning home I found this was probably wrong but it left me unable to use my credit card on holiday. 4. I was not allowed to pay the balance for hire and fuel in cash. And nowhere in the documentation was this stated. I had already exchanged currency to cover this so both my holiday finances and my account back home were upset as I was forced to use my debit card. I work on a tight budget and was left with spare currency which would cost me even more money to change back. 5. I was then charged around £4.50 for paying on my debit card. 6. Return was just dropping a key in a box. No one looked at the car with us to check for damage. I felt, and still feel, very insecure about this. Especially due to other reviews. THEN!!!... THEY ROBBED ME ON TOP!!!! It might be said I let myself in for the gross 35% extra charge for fuel even though the agreement lacked any detail of this actual figure. But on top of all that... they overcharged me!!! Here's the maths: The car I hired was the Hyundai i10 with a 35L fuel tank ( Goverment maximum retail in Malta for petrol in March is 1.48 euro ( Meaning a full tank = 51.80 euros Adding the disgusting 35% to that = 69.93 euros My hire fee still to pay was 24 euros = Total 93.93 euros. I WAS CHARGED 109 EUROS 15.07 euros MORE than which I owed means THIS COMPANY ARE THIEVES. Other comments I'll make are It's most improbable anyone will use a full tank of fuel in Malta in a week as it's tiny. So the pick up full, return empty agreement is also a scam as the customer pays through the nose then the company gets to keep it and sell it to the next poor customer at the disgusting 35% extra, plus some theft on top. Also 'bring back empty' is the opposite of 'green'! Encouraging customers to burn more fuel so they don't feel they've wasted their money. What I'll do now; On another site where yet another Green Motion customer felt swindled a reply suggested that we can look on the Green Motion website for their regulator and complain to them. It can't alter our individual cases, but might help change things and save others the nightmare. I'm going to contact Citizens Advice in England about the pure theft. They can advise on European problems like this. I've emailed Car Trawler and they were swift to reply and say they're looking into it. So I'll return with their findings or action. I emailed Green Motion but they just repeated the rental agreement to me. Said the deposit from my credit card was pre-authorisation, although that's not what the agent told me. And they made no comment, whatsoever, on the pure theft. This company makes me sick.
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Green Motion in Malta is probably the worst rental company I have come accross in the last 20 years. I can relate to all of the comments posted especially in respect to the fact that the company (local franchise) is both dishonest and would seemingly be running a scam.

I am not going to go into the details as most of the problems are very similar to those already mentioned.

What I will say is that if you are going to Malta and want to rent do NOT USE GREEN MOTION. They are absolutely worthless.

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