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English Bulldog Breeder

British Gladiator Bulldogs #628514
I to also have been a victim of Janos virag of British gladiator kennel. It started out with me buying a show male. He arrived and I noticed that the pictures were photo shopped. This dog had a *** tail which was taken off in the pictures. This dog later died after one 1yr with heart problems. He then sent me 2 other dogs. Brother and sister. When they arrived the male could not walk, we ended up doing surgery to help him and the surgery reveled it was not a trauma accident. He sent him to us that way. Again he sent 2 more dogs which we paid shipping on which one i love dearly. The other again died 2 months after we had him from a heart attack. Against my better judgment he offered another male which we paid 8k for as he told us what an amazing dog he was and this quality demands this price. The dog arrived with his ribs showing and again had troubles walking in the rear. We were fed up and demanded our money back. He said he could not do this. I contacted the Hungarian police and the meoe and told them what he was up too. He then offered more dogs free of charge for compensation. 3 females 1 male. The older female died after 8 months with us of a bad heart. The others I had to pla...
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