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I purchased an IPad Mini after talking to my so called Mac Expert and beign told that it would do what I needed it to do. I cannot even begin to tell you how many emails I sent asking her to contact me, she called me one time, then was going to research the how to convert my Ebook for school to audio, and never head back from her. Now I am stuck with an over 500 Dollar purchase that doesn't do me a freaking bit of good, thanks to the NO SUPPORT I received. Do NOT count on any assistance from these people once you buy it they will string you along until it's too late to return it for a full refund.
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You are mad because the Apple Store Expert did their job. It is actually against the company's policy for customers to contact the employees directly.

It is also not the Expert's job to do things for you. It isn't even their job to teach you how to use it. Their job is to find out which product is right for you, sign you up for training (which you probably didn't get), and ask you to extend your warranty (which isn't always the best choice). If you do sign up for training they are going to show you how to use Apple applications; not how to convert your books into audio (which is a copyright violation).

You need to be more realistic about the amount of support your are going to get for free. Consider the fact that you wouldn't have even had a conversation with a Wal-Mart or BestBuy employee if you were buying your iPad there.

And you can't blame others for your lack of perseverance. The support you are asking for is a personalized consultant that makes over $100 an hour for their time.


Sorry buddy but in this case it really looks like you're the one who doesn't know what he's on about.

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