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DirecTV-Unprofessional Corporate Behavior

Ricki Rowell, Account number 7108**** I signed up for directv service through AT&T and the sales women I spoke to signed me up for a higher priced channel package then I wanted, she also put me down as wanting ALL HD with a DVR ( that I didn't want ) ! The sale women also stated that I would receive a $50.00 gift card as part of the promotion they were running for new customers (I never received it ) that was a lie ! The only way I believe this happen is there sales people must be getting paid on commission. I ordered the basic channel package without the HD service . I had no idea that the install personnel was giving me ALL HD service equipment. I did ask the installer why was I getting a DVR and he told me it was promotional (no charge), that was a lie. Then the installer told me that he had to collect $30.00 because of the way he had to mount the satellite dish (another lie). Directv's corporate office told me that mounting a HD dish on a pole is listed as standard installation, and requires no charge, instead of refunding my money they would only give me $30.00 off my next months bill. Once I received my first months bill and started asking questions about " why is it so high" thats when I realize what they had done! Every time I talked to a directv personnel (trying to fix the problem) I was told that it would be fixed or that I have HD equipment so I must pay for HD service! After 3 months of trying to get my bill fixed I told Directv personnel that I wanted a copy of the audio recording of my sales call, they told me I couldn't have it! So I informed them that I never signed a release form on the rights of my voice so that sales call is as much mine as it is there's. Thats when they started trying to work with me and they only fixed my bill after I told them that I would get my Lawyer to supena that phone recording for court. After hearing that, they fixed the bill and I still never got a copy of that phone call! Nine months later we moved to the other side of town and took our equipment and had it reinstalled. Once again ( because we moved) all the problems with the bill started all over. I was told that it was reset by the computer system. So I (again) had to call them over and over trying to get my bill fixed. So again I had to deal with Directv personnel telling me that would fix the problem, then they don't. My wife and I talked about what we should do about Directv, so I called the cancelation dept asking questions and one thing I was told is that if you cancel a contract early there is a $10.00 charge per month still left on the contract ( a lie ) . We decided that the best way to deal with our problems regarding Directv is to cancel our contract. I called the cancelation department on October15th @ 11:45am and they tell me it will be a $20.00 fee per month that we were still under contract. During this call I told them that I wanted a itemized bill with all fees and past due amounts sent to me. We never got the bill and Directv said they sent it on Oct27th. They told me that in the letter that I didn't get it stated that if my bill wasn't paid by November 5th that they would take it using a debt card that we had used in the past. On Oct6th Directv took $377.10 from our bank account causing three over draft charges of $30.00 each, that's a total of $461.10 that we weren't ready for. We noticed this on November 11th and called Directv @ 8:29am using number 1-80*-531-****. I spoke to Directv personnel Sunia #188355, Suzie #10054**** and Marisa #10046****, I noticed that they all had the same accent and asked Marisa "what county are you located in" she responded "the Philippines" . Basically what these philiopenoes told me is, I was given enough time to pay so they took the money and they don't care if I got the letter or about the overdraft charges! Directv is one of the most unprofessional, un-American corporate entities that I have had the displeasure of dealing with! If a company can't hold up there part of a contract then it should be void! I was still waiting on my bill when they had stolen those funds from my account without my knowledge making them responsible for the over drafts! Directv needs to change the way they do business, starting with the sales people and ending with the customer service and people skills of there employees . On a final note there should be some kind of steps that can be taken when someone is canceling there account based on corporate incompetence !.....
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Quit crying if you can't afford the service don't get it and read your contact and to the guy saying anti-Semitic grow up! I bet your a poor SOB who is on government assistants and doesn't even work!

Btw I'm not a jew I'm a Christian and I have more money then if all your family were to work all there life I could write a check and I wouldn't effect me one bit!

So quit judging ppl when there are probably better ppl out there then you!


Granted, I'm sure a lot of what the person who wrote this complaint isn't being entirely honest; the way these "random" responses are is just trashy. Obviously anyone who feels this strongly is definintely an employee of DirecTV. I'm sure if the CEO of DirecTV seen this he would be very embarrassed by how his employees treat customers.


Lol so the sales lady strong armed you into things you didn't want? Grow a pair of balls retard and act like an adult. I laughed though when you wrote this: "Thats when they started trying to work with me and they only fixed my bill after I told them that I would get my Lawyer to supena that phone recording for court."

Learn to spell "subpoena" before you threaten someone with legal action retard ok?

Also mounting a dish on a pole is only considered 'standard installation' if it is needed for line of sight to get a signal. Not just because you do not want *** in the roof of the outhouse you live in ***

It is CLEAR to everyone that you absolutely do not listen to anything you are told or are incapable of understanding it and yet want everyone to make new rules up just to suit your retarded ***.

Good riddance and go be Fios' problem, lol they will LOVE you!


Sorry this happened to you... DirectTV is well known for doing this and have been doing this for years.

They have never been able to produce a call record suggesting they do not tape any calls. You stated "Oct6th" Directv took $377.10 but you meant Nov.6th didn't you? You need to call DirectTV and have them send you boxes and return mailing label to return their equipment and hang on to your tracking# to prove they get the equipment or they may try and charge you for this as well. Talk to someone at your bank and ask what if anything you or they can do to get your money refunded.

You might want to change # on your bank account to prevent DTV from placing more charges against it in the future. Hope this helps:)


Oh how I wish I could of got your call, the "you took my money" calls are my favorite because I get to say you are SOL and the contract says we can take the money any time I looked the account up and put a supervisor note with instructions to NOT give any credits you want to cry in the public forum while you where working with our office of the president any chance you had is now gone I have seen to that,I am a oop supervisor good luck getting anything except so sorry but we can't help and an rep trying their best to not to laugh

@DTV billing rep

You are a filthy jewish ***.


Why yes I am a Jew thank you but what does that have to do with anything I pay my obligations and manage my money well not because I'm a Jew because I grew up poor and wanted more, I work and go to school full time if more people took responsibility for their own actions instead of the blame (whoever the SOB is this week directv the federal government, whitey ) this world would be so much better so Ricki why don't you butch up quit your crying and do the right thing of BTW I see no credits where never issued hope that note on your file didn't have anything to do with it

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Baytown GMC Buick - Not wanting to hold-up to there part of a contract

I am a customer and I'm having some problems with this dealership where I bought my car .I have a 24-Hour Roadside Assistance policy called the Complete Titanium Plus by The Nation Motor Club. This dealership that sold it to me doesn't understand (nor read) the fine print of the "Key/Remote Replacement" terms. They only gave me ONE key with my remote and only one key. I told them that the policy they sold me states "Number of keys and remotes given at time of vehicle delivery[MUST be a minimum of two(2) sets of keys and remotes]". I had to show them where it stated that because they were acting like I was making it up ! The personal at NMC Stated that those conditions MUST be met by the dealership or the policy is void ! The dealership has given me the run-around for the past few weeks, now they want to just cancel the policy ! I want the policy and I want MY KEYS AND REMOTE ! They stated that they are unwilling to do this because they don't want to spend the cash ! To *** with making a customer happy ! A $400.00 policy that I can't even use !
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