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Bosak Motors - Very upset about the trouble They have caused

First off Let me say this I had bought a truck from Bosak in 2003 and had an excellent experience with them , that being said when we decided to look for a minivan for my wife , of course we went back to Bosak they had a nice 2008 Chrysler Town and Country that we liked so we made the deal and took possession, was told the vehicle was in the service department that day being checked out and all was good, Well it was snowing and stuff over the next two days and it needed tires real bad so we did not drive it much, once we were able to drive and get it good and warm I smelled antifreeze and it was smoking called up they said bring it in , Took it to them and the fixed a bad piece that was leaking and did it pretty fast, The next weekend I took the van to get an oil change and the oil change place said there was an oil leak at the back of the engine called Bosak they said bring it in so I did turns out its not oil but a leaking power steering hose and the extended warranty doesn’t cover that so now I am expected to pay to put a few hundred dollar hose on a van that I have had for less than two weeks at that time. Now this did bother me but I could get over it what I can’t get over is what happened next. When we purchased the van I specifically asked when I would get the title or the correct paperwork so That I can get plates because we had a very expensive Disney vacation coming in a couple of weeks. At this point I was told they typically have the paper work ready in 10 days that was fine with me. We got the van on Feb 26 2013 on Mar 13 2013 I called to find out about the paper work for plates because we are supposed to leave for vacation on Mar 18. They guy said let me look into it he calls me back tells me they paid the van off Feb 27, and don’t have the title yet I told him Hey when I bought this you Knew I needed the plates because the temporary tag would expire while I was gone. I told him you need to do something to get me some plates because I just bought this van to take on vacation and now I will have to cancel plans, He tells me Take it anyway and if you get stopped or get a ticket bring it to me and I will take care of it, Now anyone knows you get stopped out of state and you could be looking at an impound. Then he tells me call the license branch and get a temporary tag, now if I had the necessary paper work for a temporary tag I would just get the plates. Then I was told to call back in the morning and Talk to another lady and they would see what they could do about getting the title overnighted from whoever they had to payoff for it, When I called the lady she really had no answers other than I have to call this place, Later this afternoon My wife called and was told by this lady who I do not fault for this mess at all because she was not involved in the sale of this vehicle, told my wife that she called the place and they sent the title Yesterday and it is coming from Texas and they may have it Monday , Well we are supposed to be leaving Monday and guess what the license branches in Indiana are closed on Mondays so Now I have no choice but to push off Vacation by one day Which if any of you know going to Disney this time of year you just can’t call a condo and say oh yea we need to cancel a Night. So now not only do I have to push my plans back one day I still have to pay for the condo that we won’t get to until Wednesday if we are lucky. This year is our 16th wedding anniversary this trip is something I have put everything into to make perfect for my wife Including renewing our vows and also being able to see my children perform at Disney with the school choir and Now everything will be behind schedule for something that was specifically asked about in the beginning if you couldn’t deliver the title in time for my vacation I would not have bought your van , So needless to say you have cost me money and an enormous amount of emotional stress and all I hear from your dealership is there is nothing we can do about it , I will absolutely never buy another Vehicle from Bosak again and to think I was honestly considering trading my 2007 Nissan Titan In on a new Dodge , So much for that, Las time I bought from Bosak the customer service was great and that is why I went back but now I just don’t think I could in good conscience deal with you again.
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I had an horrible experience at bosak just a couple of weeks ago there is a guy by the name jc the finance guy very rude and disrespectful I will never purchase a car from them again they are real crooks and please don't ever take ur car to sell them or trade in they will get over on u like no other...please don't go there please u will regret it...


Good God man! The simple answer would have been to make them give you a loaner or pay a rental. Thanks for sharing the part about "expensive" vacation.

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