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40 50 Media Ltd previously known as Tricycle Media Limited are scammers

40 50 Media Limited, previously known as Tricycle Media Limited are scammers. It is the same people operating the defunct Tricycle Media Limited who are now operating 40 50 Media Ltd. Alan Wareham (Managing Director) and Fiona Jefferies (Sales Director) are the same people operating 40 50 Media. Many people were scammed by Tricycle Media Limited. The company went into receivership and their victims (clients) neither got the service they were promised nor their money back. I was one of those who was scammed by Tricycle Media now operating as 40 50 Media Ltd. I created a profile here on Pissed Consumers about this company in 2013 and I was shocked by the number of people who also suffered the same faith (see link below):****2965.html If you search Tricycle Media Limited on Pissed Consumer's search box above, you will find that there were lots of clients scammed by the same company. In my thread titled : "Tricycle Media Limited - Tricycle Media are scammers - do not use their services" published in 2013, I gave a detailed account about the malpractices of this company. It was in that thread that a fellow victim gave the new name this company is now trading under (40 50 Media Ltd) after the liquidation of Tricycle Media Limited. Do not be fooled. It is the same people who are behind both companies. Alan and his team thinks that they can have a fresh start by trying to distance themselves from their former company (Tricycle Media). There are at least four different threads about Tricycle Media here on Pissed Consumer, most of which are bad reviews, and the good ones are rather suspect. I used the word "suspect" because it seems that Alan is using his team to make positive comments about the company and to vote down negative reviews. For example if you look at the votes in my original thread, you will notice that most of the comments about this company is negative, yet the vote downs are more than or equal to the number of voters who found the review useful. Something does not add up. As I stated in that thread, I couldn't care less about the votes. All I am interested in warning others about this thieving company. However, their behaviour does shows the length Alan and his team will go to in order to limit any negative reviews. Also, even if we are believe the testimonials provided in 40 50 Media Ltd's website (which I believe were cooked-up), those testimonials were for Tricycle Media not 40 50 Media. What they have done was copy the testimonials from the defunct Tricycle Media website and pasted it on to 40 50 Media Ltd. Don't fall victim to their new company (40 50 Media Ltd). See also how they distance themselves from Tricycle Media. There is no mention of Tricycle Media in their new website (e.g. history or about us), yet they have no problem using testimonials from that company. They deliberately did not mention anything about Tricycle Media because to do that will link their new company to the defunct Tricycle Media which had been engaged in fraudulent activities leading to is liquidation. Also, their website gives the impression that they have been operating as 40 50 Media for over 20 years when we all know that couldn't be further from the truth. They only started operating under this name about a year or two ago after the collapse of Tricycle Media. 40 50 Media Ltd is the same as Tricycle Media Limited. Do not be fooled. Avoid this company like the plague.
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AMS It would seem that Mr TJ is not the only one to be ripped off by 40:50 Media I for one was a client with Tricycle who happily took my money and gave at best moderate customer service. On transition to 40:50 Media (which I was informed about) I kept paying the hosting fee but never got a shred of service.

It now appears they have taken my site down with no communication or compensation. I have now tried in vain to contact this company.

I would love to participate in legal action and would be happy to join other victims in the quest. Alternatively perhaps Mr & Mrs Wareham would like to meet their many victims and answer for their criminal activities?


It really saddens me to learn that more and more people are being scammed by this company after all these years. I really wish people read reviews before giving their hard earned cash to fraudsters like this.

That was one experience I took away from my dealings with Alan and his company. I am sorry to read that you were also scammed by Alan and his company. Of course I would be willing to provide testimony and evidence against this company if more people want to go after him and his company. I think there is one here and others in my initial post (see link above).

So sorry about your experience. At least you got some sort of service albeit it dismal. I got nothing and they took my money. Although I have put that experience behind me, I would gladly help anyone interested in pursuing Alan and his company through the courts.

I know how that felt when they scammed me especially being a small business where every penny counts. So sad.



Can you please get in touch as I'd like to start legal action against them (similar problem as yours)?



It really saddens me that more and more people are getting scammed by this company. Sorry to learn that you were one of their victims.

If you need my help feel free to get in touch. Alan and Fiona's thieving has gone on for long enough. Either contact me or leave details (safely and wisely) so I can contact you.

I am willing to provide any testimony /evidence to support your case. Good luck!


This false accusation by Mr Tamsir Joof has been passed to the police.

Mr Joof has a history of posting aggressive comments e.g. and tried to extort money from a well know and trusted company.

As he failed in his attempt to do so, he resorted to these false posts which resulted in a number of UK Businesses going into liquidation and in turn a number of UK residents losing their jobs.

This website is based outside the UK and will not remove the false allegations. Mr Joof can, but refuses to do so.


What? Are you kidding me?

I have never ever posted on a Daily Observer forum in my entire life. I don't even read that paper never mind your false accusations. You are only angry because I outed you and your company hence why you are trying to get revenge by any means necessary. If you are going to accuse me of something, please make sure it is the truth.

Your link does not even exist. And please tell me which company did I tried to extort money from. LOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Please do tell everyone here.

Don't keep it a secret. You have my permission to name the supposed the company here. It would be very easy for me to then approach that company with your false accusations and paste their replies on this thread word for word. I knew you were devious but never knew you were this bad.

You will go to any length to repair your damaged reputation. I gave a negative review about your company because I was scammed. And as evident in my original thread see link above, it appeared that I was not the only one who was scammed by you, your colleague Fiona and your company. I didn't give you a negative review for the sake of it i.e.

just to damage your business. Prior to using "your services", I didn't even know about you and couldn't care less about you or your company. I really hope people see this thread and the initial one before using your services. Sometimes it is better to just apologise or failing that, keep a dignified silence.

Your have damaged your credibility even more by posting this. Everybody now knows what kind of person you are and the kind of business your operate. Had I seen this post of yours earlier I would have responded. Potential clients be warned.

This is the man that operates 40 50 Media previously the defunct Tricycle Media Limited. This in it self would give you an insight into this man's integrity and credibility. He possesses none. Is this the kind of man you want to take your business to and suffer the same faith as many others here as attested to in my initial post?

Think very carefully and do your own research.

By the way Alan, with the type of business I in, if anyone is going to extort money is should be the other way round i.e. business clients extorting money from me, not me extorting money from them. Loooool!

You should have done your research. I should add that, no business client of mine has ever extorted money from me and neither have I. The only *** here is Alan and his businesses 40 50 Media previously known as Tricycle Media Limited which was closed down by the legal authorities in the UK (thank God) due to its malpractices. Unless 40 50 Media changes ownership and management, I foresee the same faith for it.

The difference between you and I is that, everything I have posted on Pissed Consumers about your fraudulent companies is based on fact and I have email evidence to prove it never mind the testimonies provided here by your other victims. Whatever you say is based on lies with no evidence to substantiate your claims. You provided a link that does not work and you failed to name the company I supposed tried to extort money from. Please name this company so that I can approach them and paste their response here in verbatim for everyone to see.

That is the difference between you and I. You are a liar and I tell the truth. Your reputation is already damaged. You did this to yourself and instead of taking the proper channels to rectify this, you blame your victims (I included).

I didn't do this to you. You did it to yourself when you scammed me and others. As I stated in my original post, I still have all the email correspondences between you/your company and I. If you want, I can copy and paste all our email correspondences right here on Pissed Consumers.

I challenge you. Please tell me to copy and paste them here. I'm sure you are not going to accept my challenge because those emails will reveal more about your thieving ways. Go ahead!

Please accept my challenge. I dare you. I gave a negative review to your company because you stole from me and I needed to warn others especially small and medium sized businesses who are more likely to be your victim as evident in my original thread. You have stolen a lot of money and time from me.

One more lies and I will copy and paste everything here for others to see. I have nothing to hide. You on the other hand have a lot to hide and lose. As I stated in my initial post, if I was to reveal everything about your thieving ways it will be a book which I don't have time for.

Although I gave a detailed account in that post including dates, names etc., I held back a bit because the thread was long enough. However, if you cross me, I will copy and paste everything here for others to see then take you to court for slander. Further, the police are not going to take you seriously because what I have revealed here about you company is the truth. Of course they didn't take you seriously hence why no one came knocking on my door yet since you posted this last May.

Lol! You don't seem to understand English Law at all. Poor you! Your company was closed down because of fraudulent activities - this can be found in court records; you stole money from me and others as substantiated by the emails in my possession, my bank account and testimonies provided by your other victims; you changed your name to 40 50 Media and tried to distance yourself from your fraudulent and defunct company Tricyle Media hence why you didn't mention its name on your new website i.e.

the "about us/our history" page. These are all facts. There is nothing slanderous here. Lol!

I only stated the facts with evidence to back them up. You only stated lies with no evidence to support your delusional claims. I am so glad you replied to this post. Now people will see the business man you are.

I only gave you the rope. I didn't hang you.

You hanged yourself. Lol!

@Esaw Cnp

By the way, the asterisk (*) is -c-on (meaning extortion). Something else came to my mind after reading Alan's post again.

I think the supposed company Alan is referring to is his defunct company Tricycle Media Limited. Yes, that company that was closed down for fraudulent activities is the "well know and trusted company" according to Alan (the founder). You see how delusional some people are? Lol!

I didn't extort money from your company Alan. I sent you a letter threatening to take you to court as you have taken my money and failed to provide the service I paid for. I then sent you another letter asking a full refund on with a deadline and to charge daily interest including additional cost you have caused me to incur thanks to your fraudulent activities. In the end, I decided to just let this go because you are not worth it.

I didn't get any money from you. You on the other hand took my money and failed to deliver a service you were contracted to do. All this is in my initial post - see link above. I will not waste any more time on you.

Tricycle Media is a "well know and trusted company"?

Please don't make me laugh. How delusional!

@Esaw Cnp

I have just seen the link in the Daily Observer. It is actually stored in their archive (see link below).

That person is not even me. Lol. Do you know how common the name and surname Tamsir and Joof is? I was taken back when Alan said that said that I posted on that paper.

I know I don't read that paper and have never participated in their forum so was somewhat shocked and had to dig deeper to find out what is Alan going on about. Here the actual link to that person's post:

Alan, this name is very common and it also shows your desperation to try to dig out dirt on me in order to seek revenge. Sadly you got the wrong Tamsir Joof. Lol.

Further, that is not my style of writing as evident in all my post here.

You see what desperation does to you? Lol!

@Esaw Cnp

I have never posted on Daily Observer's forum nor do I read that paper, so I was quite intrigued when Alan made the false accusation above and provided a link that does not work. After thorough digging, I have managed to locate the article see link below.

The article is actually buried in Daily Observer's archive not the bad link provided by Alan. Poor Alan! That person is not even me. The name Tamsir and the surname Joof are very common and if one looks at the writing style of that person in comparison to mine on Pissed Consumers, you will notice that they are quite different from each other.

For start, I never ever write sentences in capital letters. Wouldn't do it even if you pay me. Too unnecessary. It is also quite unbusiness-like.

Alan, in your desperation to try to seek revenge you actually took somebody else's post on Daily Observer and passed them off as mine. I bet you were so excited when you saw that post thinking you can come back at me with that. However, you lack attention to detail. You know or should know my style of writing after our email correspondences and my threads here on Pissed Consumers.

You should have spotted the different styles of writing. Another important fact :you failed to realise that this name is very common. It is as common as "Steve Jones". Lol!

How desperate you are. If I wrote that, I would have no problem saying I wrote it. It would make no difference to me whatsoever. Unfortunately for you, I didn't wrote it and if you were clever enough, a little bit of research should have solved that and saved you the time and effort.

The fact still remains, your company has scammed lots of people as attested to by your victims here on Pissed Consumers.

For anyone else interested in the article Alan was referring to, here is the actually link:

Poor Alan! I bet you were so excited when you found that.

Try harder. Bless!

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Tricycle Media Limited - Tricycle Media are scammers - do not use their services

In January 2011, I contracted Tricycle Media to build my business website after a month of email communications to and fro. They promised me lots of features and charged me £578.50 after lots of negotiations which I paid for using my debit card on the phone (in January 2011). That should have been a red flag, but as a small business, budget was tight and they were the most feasible option after my research, hence why I decided to go with them. From December 2010 to the actual date of making the payment, I was communicating with Fiona Jefferies (whom I now come to know as their Sales Director). She was the one who also took the payment over the phone on 28 January 2011. The easiest part was taking my payment. The problem started when I emailed them my web content. They used every excuse under the sun and retracted from the original features they promised. After months of heated and rather hateful emails to and fro, I managed to get in contact with Alan Wareham (the Managing Director). He too said that they did not promised all the features I've listed even though I have all the emails to prove otherwise. To this day (in 2013), they still have not designed my website nor had they returned my money. I have written to them before (by mail) twice threatening legal action. These thieves have still not refunded my money or build my website. The last time I heard from them was June 2012 when Fiona sent me a block email they send out to all of their "clients" regarding their newsletter. This company have no shame and they behaved like vultures for the past two years. After I disclosed all the emails to a legal adviser, Alan threatened legal action (by email). That was before my posted letters. I challenged him to take me to court if he so wish. He never did because he knew exactly what they've done. Do not use the services of this company. Not only will they rip you off, but will try to bully you as well. If you are a new and very small business it is tempting to use the service of businesses like these, but believe me the stress and subsequent financial cost is not worth it. Tricycle Media are scam merchants. Avoid them like the plague.
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Same story for my website, now they are called 4050media but keep on being so unprofessional I'm tempted to sue them for all the damages they've done to my business.


That is so sad. It seems to me that these thieves haven't changed.

I created a tread for 4050 Media over a year ago and linked it to this tread. I did that to enable potential victims know that they are the same company and stop them from becoming victims like many of us here. I wish people review companies by typing the company name followed by the word "reviews" in Google. It would safe them so much hassle.

I am so sorry you have to go through this. I was exactly in your position over 2 years ago and I know how heart breaking it can be especially if you are just starting out (or even if you are an established small business).

These people are really evil. I wish you all the best in whatever action you decided to take.


Hi same thing happened to me i did a claw back as i paid on my company credit card but things got quite childish with both of these scam artist's with alan making all sorts of threats. It seemed to me that they wanted me to do all the work myself and then get paid.



Hi Steve, I am so sorry you had problems with this company. It is so sad that many people are going through the same thing with Tricyle Media Limited now called 40 50 Media Ltd.

When I first outed this disgusting company over a year ago, I though I was the only one having problems with these scam artists (Fiona Jefferies and Alan Wareham). I was surprised by the number of people who have experienced the same problem (not to mention those who have not commented at all). What you have described about these people is absolutely true. I and many people here had the same problem : childish behaviour, legal threats, just to name a few.

You are lucky you were able to claw back as many people, myself included were not that lucky.

What I've found out is that these people like to target small / start up businesses. I just hope that small businesses check out the reviews of any company before contracting them for their services.


Glad somebody uploaded and posted this site.

After Fiona contacting me selling their website services I paid nearly £1k for a new website. Alan never got back to me after a number of phone calls and emails.

Two years later and no website.

You could not get through on the phone as the switchboard only take messages. Not surprised they have liquidated, I expect 40 50 Media to follow the same route.

If you are wanting a new website, avoid at all costs.

A real customer who got "stung".


I am glad I found this forum on Tricycle Media, now trading as 40 50 Media Ltd. I agree they are scammers who are only after your money.

They took 20 months to get a satisfactory website live for us even though it was only transferring info from our old site. We ended up doing most of the work, and they still charged us extra. Worst of all, they ceased trading in 2013 and started again as 40 50 Media, transferred our site and sent us a bill for hosting. When we asked to be released as they were not authorised to host us they shut down our website until we paid them.


We had to pay them and immediately organised moving our website.

Keep well away from FIONA JEFFERIES and 40 50 MEDIA LTD. they are only after your money for very poor service.


Totally agree with very happy customer. We used Tricycle Media as a friend of our had their website built by them.

The price was low and the quality very high and the service excellent. Personally cannot fault the service at all.


I've stated before on here that I used this company for 8 years and they designed several websites for me. Fiona and Alan were always been proactive and helpful and I spoke to Alan many times on the phone.

In any businesss there are bound to be the odd one or two people who are not happy no matter what.

You might simply be one of those clients. I would recommend them to anyone.


This bunch are now trading as 40 50 Media and are as unhelpful as they were in their previous incarnation. Work is not done, 'Alan' does not speak to anyone on the phone preferring to carry out non activity by email.

One to avoid!!


Thanks for giving us the heads up hacked. Although Tricycle Media Limited is showing up in Google search, their site is down (or appears to be down).

However 40 50 Media seems to be working. They are probably trying separate themselves from their criminal past (Tricycle Media Limited).

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