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Southern Roots - Worst hair cut ever!!!!!

This place is horrible. I went here together with my son to get a simple haircut for both of us. Kaitlyn is the girl that cut both our hair. She cut my hair without making it wet and she washed and gelled it after cutting. Later that night after taking a shower I noticed that she did a horrible job on my hair, it was uneven all over, front to back, left to right. I looked like the rocky mountain landscape. At that point, I also inspected my son’s haircut and she did not cut proper around his ears, his sideburns are uneven and his bangs are uneven. It’s like he has a toupee that is leaning to his left side. I went back to get both of our haircuts fixed. Kaitlyn was busy messing up someone else’s haircut, so I explain one of the other girl what was wrong and the look on her face when she look at my hair clearly showed her thinking “WTF DID SHE DO TO HIS HAIR”. She said Kaitlyn would be able to fix my haircut to which I asked her multiple times if Kaitlyn would actually be able to fix my haircut and she kept on insisting that she could. When I was finally able to talk to Kaitlyn, the other girl quickly disappeared into the back and never came back. I should have taken this as a sign to walk out. Kaitlyn tried to fix my hair, but it went from bad to worse, as clearly she was clueless on what to do. The shortest part got shorter and shorter and by the time she was done, it still looked like a hill country landscape, except worse. At this point, I left being very upset, as it was obvious to me at this point that Kaitlyn did not know how to cut hair and if I would let her continue I would have to shave my head bald. Since my son’s haircut was passable with me fixing the ears and sideburns, I did not want her to touch up anything on him. The only thing I could do to fix my haircut was trim it real short, almost shaven. So that is what I have been doing for the last 30 minutes. Thanks to Kaitlyn at Southern Roots in Vinton Louisiana, my hair will look like a military crude haircut on New Year’s Eve. Thank you for that Kaitlyn. I question whether or not Kaitlyn is a licensed stylist. The name Southern Roots suits this place well, because when my haircut was done the roots is the only thing I have left. I myself have gotten haircut is 3 different countries all over the world which include a haircut in a small town in India (Yes the country), but this haircut at Southern roots in Vinton, Louisiana is the worst haircut I have ever gotten in my entire live. I think Kaitlyn should not even be allowed to shave sheep. Any 3 year old could have done a better job than Kaitlyn did. I’m going to file a formal complaint with the “LOUISIANA State Board of Cosmetology”. I advised strongly against going here for a haircut unless you are prepared to shave your head.
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Update by user Mar 13, 2013

Just also noticed on Google that they have a 1 out of 5 rating. Wow!

I would not even give them a 1 and I'm the most even tempered consumer they probably have. Just to not be confused with another cleaner, Gap Cleaner is located at 11571 Texas 6 Sugar Land, TX 77498



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I have been taking my clothes to Gap Cleaners for the past year since I moved to my house in Sugar Land. I have always been frustrated that they always crack a lot of the buttons on my dress shirts but every time I have addressed this issue with both female attendants working there, I always got the dismissive reply " we send our clothes out to dry cleaning so there is nothing we can do about the cracked buttons." Worse yet, they charge to replace each cracked button that they themself damaged. I had over 60 cracked buttons replaced in a batch of 10 dress shirts. Although frustrated, I am so busy with work and there is not another dry cleaner nearby so I continue to take my shirts to this place ( I NOW KNOW BETTER!!!). One day, the young female attendant (there are always just 2 of them working in there and it seems to be a family owned business) suggested to me to have my shirts laundered instead of dry clean because she stated that the dry cleaning was rougher on the shirts when they press down and thus breaking my buttons. It sounded like a good idea to save my buttons so I agreed and started to have my shirts laundered instead of dry cleaning but with the clean notation that there is to be NO STARCH OR BLEACN USED ON MY SHIRTS EVER because I don't like starch or bleach. I even requested the young girl to make that notation on my account in her computer system. Last week on 03/05/2013, I dropped off 4 practically new Ralph Lauren Polo dress shirts (I checked this morning on Macy's site and they are still priced at $89.99 + taxes each) to be laundered and again told the attendant NO STARCH OR BLEACH ON MY SHIRTS to which she acknowledged. On 03/07/2013, I picked up my shirts and noticed that my yellow polo shirt was completely damaged with white streaks all over the front and back of the shirt and even a white impression of an iron on the back of the shirt from when the shirt was being ironed during the cleaning. I immediately brought this to the female attendant's attention to which she IMMEDIATELY STARTED RAISING HER VOICE and screaming at me that the cleaning did not do that to the shirt. I looked at her incredulously and pointed out to her all the white streaks and even the impression of the iron on the back of the shirt to which she still disclaim " we did not do that. your shirt was like that when you brought it in." I told her that she knew better and that if it was damaged when I brought it in, she would have pointed that out to me and made me sign the disclaimer as before but the shirt was practically brand new expensive Polo shirt. Then she said "maybe the starch did that but we are not responsible for discoloration from starching." I then reminded her that I specifically asked that NO STARCH OR BLEACH BE USED ON MY SHIRTS. She then cooly told me "we will pay you only the cost of the laundry of 89 cents because we never pay for any damaged items." I told her she either can fix my shirt (which I seriously doubt can be fixed as the discoloration was all over the shirt front and back) or she can pay for my replacement. She said "I will talk to the manager to call you TOMORROW but I know he will not pay you anything for your shirt." I explained to her that I am not trying to be unreasonable but clearly the cleaning damaged my shirt from negligence and even abuse because the shirt was completely discolored and any starch that was used was against my request. I further explained to her that this matter will not be ignored until it is resolved fairly, even if I have to file litigation in smalls claim or a formal complaint with BBB or the Attorney General's office. These people are cons. They just want to take your money and when they clearly are negligent in damaging your expensive clothes, they just want to get nasty and throw you out of their store. It is no way to treat your customers. They are unprofessional, offensive, rude and worse yet, when you drop your clothes off, you are at their mercy because they have the God-like mode that they are not responsible for any damage done whatsoever. I will proceed on with this matter until it is resolved in a fair manner where they either replace my shirt with another shirt or reimburse me for the costs to buy another one. As for that call from their manager? It's been since 03/07/2013 and NO ONE HAS CALLED ME AT ALL. I knew that when I left the store.
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UPDATE ON GAP CLEANER'S RESOLUTION TO MY COMPLAINT. I had also filed a formal complaint with BBB Greater Houston to which "the owner" of Gap Cleaners responded to with a bunch of blame game for why my expensive new Polo dress shirt was streaked with starch/bleach when they were supposed to dry clean it.

Regardless, he replied that he would replace the shirt new just like the one he damaged. A few days later, a woman called me from Gap Cleaners asking for a week to get the shirt to which I stated to her it's been a month so I gave her 3 days. I called her back after 3 days to which she stated that she "could not find the exact Polo shirt" to buy and I told her that she could find plenty of them at even Macy's or Dillard's or online because I found plenty myself upon doing a search. The price of the exact shirt now was $89 + taxes when I checked.

She then immediately interjected by saying "well, the owner wants to just pay you $59 cash". I personally felt this was a RIP OFF but I have just about had enough of dealing with these people so I told her that was fine. Thus for damaging my shirt, they gave me a check to reimburse me for $59. I guess I should count my luck that they did anything at all.

MY ADVISE: STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE. I don't mind so much that they damaged the shirt. I just disliked the fact that they played the blame game on me and mistreated me when I tried to get the issue resolved in a friendly professional manner.


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