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I just filed a complaint myself. They've closed my store, twice, using the vaguest, contradictory, part of their rules "using assistants, and help". Are you kidding? How does one build a business because I not only have to make my products, but, package them, ship, communicate with all my buyers? No other website company asks this.

I hate to get personal, but moreover, my husband was killed in an auto accident three weeks ago, short of our 10th anniversary. Etsy was made aware of this. We also had no life insurance, and my company was my only revenue stream. Etsy was made aware of this, as well.

And then I needed to grieve. I brought in help, I made all my products, as per their rules, and allowed my friends and family to take over the shipping, packaging and communication.But, that wasn't allowed, apparently, and they just, suspended the shop. Again. I've sent plea emails again; but, as usual, not even the decency of a reply.

I've never encountered a business run like this.

But - they'll keep doing it, until people begin to speak up.
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