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Regal Cinemas - Never go to the Edwards Marques in Houston!

The first time we went, we saw Sinister. People CONSTANTLY text in the audience, a woman brought her infant in with her that cried through most of the movie and there is no theater check done by employees! We had to ask several times two people in front of us that kept texting. The second time, when we saw another movie a group of ten people sitting behind us would not be quiet, they kept giggling and kicking the back of our seats and texting. They didn't speak any English to us and insulted us entirely in Spanish thinking we couldn't understand them. When we politely asked for them to be quiet they mimicked us and started throwing food at us. After the movie a man with them tried to start a fight with my friend in the lobby and cussed us out. No one did anything even though it was in the middle of the lobby! The third and final time was last night, a woman brought in her young child with two friends and sat directly in front of us. ALL of them were texting (with the exception of the child) and kept talking throughout the duration of Oz the Great and Powerful. I asked her several times to stop and was ignored. Frustrated, I finally tried to talk to management to encourage theater checks and see about getting a refund. My very first job was at a movie theater! He basically told us there was nothing he could do, didn't offer to refund us, he didn't even apologize! HORRIBLE customer service! And this guy was a manager! I won't be returning! Time to find a new theater to go to!
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Went to see the jungle book nasty theater dirty it was hot some of the restrooms were closed not a good experience don't recommend


Edwards cinema on Katy,Frwy. Bad experience restrooms were dirty some were closed had to walk all around was hot the theater was dirty just not a place to go to


Assuming you're telling the whole story, it sounds like you got an apathetic, incompetent, or new and timid manager. Having worked for REG as an associate, at our theater we run at least 2 checks per movie, and would definitely have removed patrons (or had the police remove them) who were being disruptive.

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