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PGPERSONALTRAINING - Personal Trainer from London, Pete Griggs, a Real Fraud

In case you are planning to undergo any fitness training or sliming programs in London, I would earnestly request you to stay away from personal trainer Pete Griggs. My experience with that person is really inexplicable. To start with, the person does not follow any particular schedule, which I think is most vital for any kind of fitness program. In addition to that, he is very rude and nasty in behavior. All he needed was that I should follow the steps shown by him, without asking any question and pay him the money as advance. He even did not pay any heed to my problems while carrying out the exercise regime and used to compel me to pull heavy weights. Earlier I had seen one of my friends to practice freehand fitness regimes as instructed by his trainer. I became impressed the way he was able to re-energize and get a better physique. That made me think of getting a personal trainer for myself and perform certain activities to become more fit. However, after enrolling with Pete Griggs training program, things turned out to be worse. For the first few days, things were going rather smoothly. However, it took an ugly turn when he started to force heavy weights for my weight-training regime. From the very first day of weight training, he made me lift much higher weights than I could really handle and even made me stay in those positions for a long time. Later in the evening, when I called him and told that it was a tough day for me and according to doctor’s advice I needed a two-day rest, he was simple furious at me and disconnected the call. However, I thought that may be he was busy and did not mind. When I joined his gym after two days, he was ignoring me initially. However, after a brief moment he came and assigned me some real tough exercises like leaning on arch-back and other extensive stretching exercises. My God! I had not realized those to be such harsh for first-timers; and yet, he did not provide any support but was laughing at my plight. At a moment, I even experienced a slight twist at my lower back and fell on the ground. Rather than attending to my wounds, Pete started to force me do several other stretching regimes, yelling that I was not doing them properly. I just completed that session anyhow and returned with soaring legs and back. Next day I consulted a doctor as I was suffering extreme pain at my lower back. On his recommendation, I did an x-ray only to confirm that I had a slight displacement of my hipbone. I am under strict medical supervision now and doctors have assured me that it would get well since it had not aggravated. God knows, what would have happened in case I would have continued with another day of training.
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