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Lowes - Service and equipment

They do not back there appliances up in which they sell unless u by an extended warranty on day 1. They are very unprofessional in Chico, Tim ext 4101 say a yeh I talked to the wife ?? Really We have an LG oven less than a year old and basically its are responsibility to get it repaired from LG ? Unreal. Spent over 7000 on appliances last April . We will never go to Lowes again and everyone we no will be told the same thing! We will be turning over to our attorney to see what we can do if anything social media will be there worst nite mare !

User's recommendation: Stay away shop Ginnos or Hudson’s.

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If you didn't purchase a protection plan, then you have no warranty with Lowes, the only warranty is the one year warranty from the manufacturer, which in this case is LG. Go ahead, go to your attorney if you want, you'll find you have no legal case.

Your best bet? Call the damn manufacturer and have them help you.


You go right ahead and pay the lawyer to tell you the EXACT SAME INFORMATION!! Stores have not “backed” products in decades!!

It’s only the manufacture who is legally bound to repair any defects. Normal wear and tear isn’t covered. Social media is going to tell you the same thing. It’s YOUR responsibility to contact the manufacturer and present them with proof of purchase and submit a warranty request.

You used the internet to find this website so what is keeping you from using it to contact the manufacturer? Literally with the wealth of human knowledge at your fingertips you chose this as your course of action? I suggest you get your act together because you really do look like a old fool. A out of touch and ignorant fool.

But please feel free to spend money you don’t need to just to have a lawyer tell you what everyone else has told you. If you have that type money then shut up and buy a new appliance.

Go right ahead and post on social media. In your case the amount of abuse you will be subjected to will be epic in scale.


LMAO just the opposite this is just the beginning with smart *** comment like ur s u must be an employee lmao . anytime u feel like backing up ur reply to me let me know !

@Gene C Qay

Ah internet threats the last bastion of the idiotic and moronic. No one needs to back up anything.

This is America, this is the internet. If you don’t like it then don’t post on a public website. You’re not important enough for anyone who works for whomever you’re whining about to even care. As always it’s only the old and foolish that mistake feedback as a employee response.

They are a giant multi billion dollar business and you just don’t matter. If you can’t do your part to solve your issue then don’t expect anyone else to try. Not even Lowe’s. Are you not an adult?

I’m betting you “misplaced” your proof of purchase. Which is why you demand that the store help you. They won’t. Go ahead and get your lawyer.

They need to pay off those student loans and your issue is easy money for them. Do your part or shut up.

There is no middle ground. You either are adult enough to use a computer and contact the manufacturer or your not.


It is the manufacturer that backs their warranty, not the retail store. Don't expect a big box discount store to have a service department.

You will need to have a manufacturer service center repair your appliance.

Some of the independent appliance dealers also offer service. You may pay a little more for your appliance but you will appreciate the fact that they offer service if needed.

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