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Partners in health care(PIHC) Health insurance fraud

Partners In Health #619500
I called them and signed up then I read the review and decited to cancle my plan. and go with other insurance. when I canceled they instantly became very insalting obnoxious and down right rude on the phone they were not at all profesenal at there job.
with all the bad reviews that are posted I wouldnt recomond them to any one. the best bet in my oppenion dont go through them.
we got insurance through a company that was local that way if you have issues cone up u can actualey talk to some one in person that cares and will listen to you. also they say that if you are not sattified they will give you a full refund thats a lie. they will only refund your premiem not your application fee.
when you go local they dont charge application fee eather.
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