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Flat Fee MLS Realty - They cancel my listing after not listed and pissed me off

Horrible service that cancelled my listing that i paid for waiting for 3 days because i was upset and cussed at them for NOT disclosing 3 days to wait for it to list on their website before i sign up, gave me a hard time and pissed me off after i found out that it did not list yet until 3 days later, call daily to find out if it is listed then was told yesterday 9/10 it will be done just to find out today when i call back 9/11 that NOT only that still no listing but they want to see the Trust paper work. They did not even bother to call to let me know only when i call these bastards. Now what the f. do they want to see the Trust paper work NONe of their f. business. Why would i waste my time and money to list the house i don't own. I am required to give them anything of ownership because they are just the middle men these bastards. I am really pissed off. They cancel my listing after i spent hours to do the listing and days to call back and forth ang got myself infuriated. I provide the Trust paper work this morning still they cancel the listing because i scream and cussed at them. They are the fire i am the smoke from the fire and have every right to be angry at their *** customer service, *** attitude and simply f. incompetent. It is improper not to disclose waiting time before it is listed after sign up and they have no right or business to see the trust paperwork as they are not the buyer just a plain middle man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am mad as *** shaken to the bone now hours later doing this i am still f. pissed at these bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who the f. they think are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

User's recommendation: Well if you want to go through the crap I was and waste your time GO AHEAD make your day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Flat Fee Mls Realty Property Listing
  • Ignore request to reply to urgent email
  • Make customer mad then blame at customer for verbal abusal
  • Terrible customer service
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Appliance Zone - *** Samsung Microwave Touch Panel

I just chat with the seller rep. at their website that ended not in good note. Here is the deal. I bought the touch panel to fix the Samsung microwave last May. It worked for about 5 months then *** out again. The issue was and is SE displaying with non responsive touch panel and a beeping sound. The very problem i had before fixing it. I took it out few months back after i bought the Sear microwave to replace it with a lot of cussing and irriation since it costed me money, time and effort. I did not think about the warranty coverage until now that i want to list it on Craigslist to sell. I was told by the rep. that i have to pay shipping charge for the replacement warranty touch panel. I disagreed and it ended the chat. Now let think about this: 1/ i already paid shipping once to buy the touch panel 2/ i already paid to have the panel put in 3/ i then went out to spend more money to buy a Sear microwave after the Samsung *** out only after 5 months with the new touch panel put in 4/ i then also paid to have someone put in the Sear and took out the Samsung The seller should pay me back for all the money i had spent with the panel they sold to me not even lasted for one year?!!!! Now they want me to pay for the replacement panel????? They know and I know that it does not cost them a dime to send a replacement to me as Samsung or whoever selling that panel to them to resell will cover the defective one under the warranty. Having a flashy website claiming good service when in fact they nickle and dime me on the lousy shipping charge when in fact i already am irritated with all the cost so far just does not cut it for me!!!!! To sum up with more time and effort put in i still have to pay for the shipping charge to get the warranty replacement. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Lakeland, Florida