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Steven C Copenhaver Attorney - Sexual Predator

During my custody battle, Judge Suzanne Brooks (Williamson County) appointed Steven C. Copenhaver as the Guardian ad Litum for my children. He repeatedly hit on me, made lewd sexual comments and asked if it would be wrong for us to *** (we are distantly related). When I didn't go along with his "suggestions" he wrote a report to Judge Brooks that I was an unfit mother, that my children were flunking in school, that the children should be awarded to my ex. When I brought this up in court, Brooks covered for Copenhaver, testimony was cut short, and I lost custody, even though there was evidence to prove the report false. I am not the only one he has done this too. Google his name, "Betty Cobb", "Grope and Grabber" (his nickname) and you'll see a trail of sexual misconduct. He is still practicing law without a hint of any misconduct on his record, even though I personally sent Texas State Bar a copy of his indictment for soliciting sex from a female client (he was found guilty in Suzanne Brook's court, but only had to do part of his community service. What a JOKE.Here is the link:****.php
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Good luck with dealing with the Texas State Bar. I filed a grievance against him and it was dismissed because I didn't have any "hard" evidence...I guess I was supposed to have a tape recorder running every minute I was in his presense or record every phone conversation.

The investigator told me they KNOW he is doing these things, but no one ever has any good evidence.

Where I come from, when there are multiple witnesses, that is enough to convict. I think someone should set him up...he can't seem to resist any human with a female genitalia.He is a royally screwed up piece of humanity, and Suzanne Brooks is a total *** (for lack of a more accurate word), ruling "her" courtroom like a female Hitler.


Copenhaver and Judge Brooks are horrible examples of our Texas Justice system. I am filing a complaint against him with the Texas Bar Association.

His actions along with the actions of the district attorneys office and Judge Brooks are criminal to say the least. I am going to mail theses complaints to the Washington Post and the New York Times. They seem to be interested in everything i do anyway.

My fight is for the people of this country. If these so called legal representitves can do this to me, then they can do it to anyone.


wow, forget this firm. Will look into another lawyer

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