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Visiting Angels - Awful to employees

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OH I assure you This is for real. I hope that you never experience it

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After unemployment was told that I refused work by Visiting Angels; it was concluded that their allegations were unfounded.

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Last year I accepted work with Visiting Angels. That went fine but; then I told the office manager that I had another part-time job. Their policy states that you can work for Visiting Angels and someone else as long your schedules don't conflict. Well; little did I know that I would *** off the office manager. When my co-worker came in to relieve me, she tells me she was offered my days that were already scheduled to me. I told the co-worker that can't be right because I already have my schedule. I call the office only to get the run around. The office manager was always "busy" and she would call me back. Never did. So I call and call repeatedly but; continue to get the run around. Then finally I'm told by the receptionist not the office manager that I'm still scheduled to work but somewhere else. Day of the assignment I call to confirm where to go. I'm then told that I'm not scheduled to work. Very nasty individuals. The office manager lies saying I don't want to work, the receptionist is told to tell me the manager is busy, the owner tells me that her office manager would never just lie about someone not wanting to work, etc...Just a bunch of lies. So I call and ask if they have work for me. I'm finally told by the office manager there is no work; that she would call me when they have something for me. So of course I filed for unemployment. Visiting Angels tells the agency that I refused work. Lies. First Why would I refuse after I filed for benefits? This is America. You should be able to work a job with a good living wage. Especially when Visiting Angels only guarantees part-time work. No one can pay their bills on 2 days out of a week. Not with the wages Visiting Angels pay. Be careful with these "home health agencies" Especially this one.
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This job is not about earning a "living wage". If you need to support a family maybe you should go back to school and get a job as a nurse.

Sorry America but flipping burgers or caregiving does not get you $30K a year no matter what Barry tells you.

There is plenty of work available for good caregivers. If your filing for unemployment its because your probably not very good at what you do and maybe too lazy to go get another job that suits you better.


I now have a job with a legitimate, ethical company That treats their employees well. I have been doing home health for 10 years I have worked with agencies, private individuals, group homes I can tell you that some of these agencies are all about pleasing their paying clients.

They don't seem to care about their employees. If you have an emergency it seems as if they don't believe you. I guess they come across ppl who don't want to work but, that's not everybody. Also this is to the home health care aide; If you are looking for work be very careful what you say to some of these agencies They only want coverage for themselves they could care less if you need a good living wage or any kind of flexibility Just be sure you ask and know their policy concerning who else you can work for at the same time The reason I say this is Visiting angels states in their policy that you can work for someone else as they only guarantee pt work Just don't tell them you have another job.

They don't like that you are trying to work enough so that you can afford to pay your bills. They just want you available but, won't give you any work.

How does that work? It doesn't So be careful out there Times are too hard for someone to play with your lively hood.


I have to say that I was hired, because I had a certified nursing license. However the hours were not enough to support yourself. If you called into the office and you asked them to do anything, like call a client and reschedule because you have two people who did not live close together and you only had 30 minutes for traveling, or which days because you could not get there in that amount of time, they office blew me off. I ended up talking to the client and having them change it.

I did not get paid, when a client husband went into the hospital I could not leave his wife, it would have been responsible to do so. I called the office and explained and they sent out the most unconfident people. Tell me how you have wet pants and a dry diaper? I asked the person to leave and never come back. When I called the office they told me that I was the one with the problem, that they only hired the most qualified people. Well she sure did have them fooled.

The next time I did not get paid, I called the office and they stated that the client did not pay so I did not get paid. From then on I had to ask if the client paid when I walked in the door.

The worst was when they sent me to a client’s house and the patient had a stroke, the wife did not want you to wear shoes into the house. Well I am not taking my shoes off to walk into a house with a man who had a stroke, and urinated all over the place. Giving him a shower was the worst, the bathroom was small, and cluttered. Water went everywhere because he grabbed the shower hose. Then she wanted me to walk with him, which was fine. But when you played tic tack toe she stated that I had to let him win. That was too much, for me. I did not want to go back to that house ever again.

So I did not have any more calls for 3 weeks. When I called to see if there were any more jobs they said no. When I finally cornered someone they told me that I was being punished.

They still owe me money – but I will not work for them again.


It would help if we isolate a particular agency when reporting an issue. I too had very similar situation and much more, with small franchise office in South San Francisco Ca.

They abuse people by paying the lowest rates in the area, but for live in, they even expect their employees to pay for their own food, and when you call them to take care of a particular client's issue, it takes them at least days if not weeks to respond, if they ever do, that is.

Horrible business practice, it seems that this particular franchise agency is only interested in the bottom line, nothing else.


This happens everywhere It was Carrboro NC

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