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Real estate scam and identity thief

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Well, you women are still pissed at El Guerrerros? Why do you people insist that this man has done wrong to you when he really hasn’t done anything? You did it yourselves. Starting with you Tiara Wilson, you know the true reason why he sought to destroy you. Are you telling people you were suppose to work as a babysitter and you threaten his six (6) years old daughter and what has happened since - you cooperated with several police department for them not to bring changes against you; and now, Debra Williams, who insisted on him having sex with you - even though you knew he was involved in a serious relationship with your daughter, Amy, whom you disowned "As long as she tried to interfere with your relationship with Joel." Isn't this another attack against him after the police department told you that you had no case? You know that it was I, Bernard, who handled all the paperwork for your Rental, not mortgage. You also know it was I, Bernard, who filed all the suits and eviction notices against you which totaled over $15,000. El Guerrerros never took anything from you. You wanted him to marry you and ignore his children mothers - of which he has many. He in return told you that he ...
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Not true, not true. He convinced young women to work for him under the pretense that they will be a many, chef, assistant or whatever. Once they arrive, all *** breaks loose. Even going so far as to claim he is an FBI detective and your there for a reason, do what he says. It's a nightmare, especially if you are young, naive, and vulnerable.