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Global Travel Network - Horrific customer service, travel agency and service reps are clueless, unresponsive, and overall useless.

Horrific customer service, travel agency and service reps are clueless, unresponsive, and overall useless. Purchase Date: 11/4/12 Member Number: GD523491 Sells rep: Mick Alsheaer #0314/ Merliee Hayes Payment schedule: Enrollment fee - $3651.00 Activity fee - $149.00 Admin fee - $145.00 Total Cash Price - $3945.00 Paid With Order - $545.00 Revolving (open end) Credit Charge Account of a 105.00 x 44 months plus finance charges = total payment of $4568.75. First payment of $545 on 11/4/12 I'm a new customer who was a hopeful customer trying to book my first vacation. I called member services 6 times (1/24, 2x 1/28, 1/29, 2x 1/30 )to try to set up a vacation and could not get a hold of any representatives. I even left messages with my contact information but was never contacted. After a week or so of trying to get a hold of someone, on (1/31) I called my travel Director/sales rep (Merilee Hayes) to assist me with normal service/travel inquires. I was given some other contact information and was assured that If I could not get the help I needed, then Merilee would fill the void. After a couple of calls I finally got in contact with the business' internal travel agency department/rep only to be told that she couldn't help me and wasn't competent in her job. I asked very basic questions about a vacation destination: Q: Me - I am going to a wedding in Cancun that will be held at XXX resort ( address and all). If you support this resort please book or provide me with one closest to this location. A: Rep - I only have a list of a couple of resorts in front of me and do not know the location and can not tell you where they are. Q: Me - You can't look this information up for me and advise? A: Rep - I do not have access to a computer, I don't even understand what I'm looking at here, the address is in mexican or something I can't even tell you what it is. Do you have a computer maybe you can look it up. Q: ME - I do not have access to one at the moment, really you don't have a computer? Your telling me you have no way of finding out the locations of the resorts your company accommodates? A: Rep - Nope, just a list of resorts and stuff. I can't give you any more information i'm sorry....your guess is as good as mine. (still in shock that the rep said this). Q: Me - Is there someone, anyone that can provide me with some type of help? A: Rep - Let me transfer you to someone more knowledgeable I hope..she should be able to assist you... if she doesn't pick up just leave a message and she will return your call ( heard that a dozen times at this point) ....please hold. And of course, as expected, I was transferred to another answering machine, and left another message that would lead to no response once again. I contacted Merliee by email on Sat 02/02/13 and pleaded for her help. She stated that she or an associate would get back to me that following Monday 02/04/13.....and now here it is two weeks later and no response. Global Connections Inc, has been nothing short of a high pressure sales scam. The presentation is filled with countless too good to be true empty promises...this is simply criminal.
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My husband too was scammed out of 3,857. for empty promises of getting a vacation at the lowest price and when we went to book a vacation, we found a cheaper price online than thru the so-called company.

This company will start by telling you that whatever the hotels, cruise lines, car rental or airlines don't sell, they will have access too and you can get a complete vacation with hotel, airfare, & car rental for less than $500. for a whole week.

My husband and I like to travel and cruise atleast once a year so he bought in only to find out the hard way that this company is a SCAM!!

Buyer be aware!!

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