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Verizon Wireless - Empty Box

Verizon claims returned cell phone not in the box. Being billed for not returning cell phone. Numerous complaints from customers with the same problem. Cell phones returned but Verizon claims received an empty box. Google Verizon claims received empty box. clearly a scam going on and Verizon aware of this but does nothing about it.Verizon claims Post Office problem and Fed Ex problem. This has been going on since December, and their customer service representives, and supervisors say they will look into it, and start an ivestigation but clearly its the same stories they have been given to other customers with the same problem. Public beware do not return damage cell phones thru their prepaid packages..Pay the fees yourself, and get receipt and weight,of the package....
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My experience isnt quite the same but close. I ordered a new iphone 6 on 7/7.

On 7/9 I received a package only containing paperwork and an empty iphone box. I have called numerous times and have gotten absolutely no where! Right now I have to wait on Fedex to come back and say they are not at fault either..... I have no clue what to do at this point.

I have two lines and only one phone. any sugguestions


I just went through a TERRIBLE experience with #verizonwireless and I want to share my story with anyone who may be affiliated or a current customer with them. I have been with #verizon for over 10 years, and tonight is the night I've decided to fully move away from them, and it's my goal to inform others of why they should also.

I returned a defective device in January and received a replacement. Here we are 2 months later they are saying it was never received. Unfortunately, I trashed the copy of my tracking number after I saw and verified they had received the defective item. I have been through about 13-15 phone calls and up until tonight, not one rep could give me a solid story. First, it was the warehouse cannot find it. Second, it was many calls saying oh we will take care of this, sorry. Other calls saying it will take a few more days to process. Now, many calls later, a kind rep searched forever for the problem and he comes back to me and hour later and tells me the phone never was scanned by Fedex or anything supposedly. And the phone has never been activated again so they have no record of where that phone may be. So i'm stuck paying $599 for a phone that I stuck in the mail. I'm frustrated, stressed, and annoyed.

If anyone has had a similar story please enlighten me. I have read many similar stories around the web of other customers who unfortunately had this happen to them also. Apparently #verizon has a policy that if a device gets lost in the mail, it is THE CUSTOMERS FAULT!

Please feel free to share this story also. I want to make it my full effort to let EVERYONE know about the lack of care and support from #verizon now, and why #bigred is no longer about customer care.

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