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Spectrum IFA Group - Wheres my Money???

Update by user Feb 18, 2013

Do not go near Jonathan Cooper at The Spectrum IFA Group!!!

Original review posted by user Feb 18, 2013
A few years back i took out a retirement plan with the Spectrum IFA Group. I was sold it as a Tax efficient plan the would be portable. Since I have moved back to the UK I have tried to get in contact to start drawing down my 'pension plan' but I have heard nothing. When I check my investment online, it can differ by £50,000 on a day to day basis. I also to out a QROPS with The Spectrum IFA Group and in the last 2 years I have seen the value drop by £30,000. The plan is held in Guernsey and was told I could take the plan to the UK and just move it into a SIPPS. The investments in my Pension are not allowed in the UK so I had to sell the funds on the secondary market. looking at everything I was sold, it was expensive, bad advice and has caused me more hassle than it was worth. Do not go near The Spectrum IFA Group, they will sell you exactly what you want to hear, give you the opposite and never hear from then again
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Do not go near Graham Keysell at:

T.S.G Insurance Services S.A.R.L (The Spectrum IFA Group)

Siège Social : 34 Bd des Italiens, 75009 Paris

Corres : T.S.G., 11 rue Tronchet, 75008 Paris

Société de Courtage d’Assurances.

R.C.S. Paris B447 609 ***(*003B04384)

No d'Immatriculation 07 02* *** -

In 2007, as a result of a divorce our policies were to be equalized and put in separate names. Graham assured me this was possible. Upon executing the request I find that I have 1/3 of the value of the policy and my ex husband has 2/3 the value. So they botched it big time. To this day Hansard has been unwilling and unhelpful in making things right. Today as I request to switch funds and access a porting of my money I am getting a brand new run around. See the cheeky response to my request for information on accessing my funds:

Our servicing relationship with you has been on a voluntary basis (I remind you that we have not been paid for our service as the original policies were not sold by us) and as such we feel that we prefer ending this relationship as we do not feel that we are in any position to help resolve this dispute with Hansard.

Incompetent, dishonest, misleading, unprofessional, patronizing that is what I call the whole lot of them!


Having called and seen all my clients in the last couple of weeks, I know you are not a client. There are several other reasons why you are not a client, which I am unwilling to go into further via this medium. If, however, you keep insisting that you are then respond with your name and telephone number and we can have a conversation.

Yours sincerely, Jonathan Cooper


Dear Jim1970

I don't think you are a client of mine for the following reasons:

1. You mention you took out a "Retirement Plan" a few years ago, firstly, I have only been with The Spectrum IFA Group for 19 months, and secondly, I have never sold a "Retirement Plan".

2. None of my clients have returned to the UK.

However, please feel free to contact me via The Spectrum IFA Group website.

Yours sincerely

Jonathan Cooper


I would hardly expect you to admit your on this website that I am your client after I was treated so poorly!

But I agree Jonathan, when I mentioned 'in the last 2 years' I was being rather vague.

I believe it was around 18 months ago. My apologies for the exaggeration.

I stand by what I said and I am sorry that it has come to this.

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