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Verizon Wireless - Phone died. Conflicted information, no one helped.

On Friday, February 15th, I woke up and my phone would not turn on or charge. It was fine when I went to bed. It was in the same location when I woke up, so apparently nothing happened to it. But, it would not turn on, it will not charge, it will not connect to a PC, it will not do anything. I took it to one Verizon store and when I told them the problem, they plugged it in and agreed it would not do anything. They then asked me if I had insurance, I do not. They then said they could transfer the upgrade from one line to another line so that I could upgrade to a new phone. I asked, "What are my other options?" They replied, "To buy a phone at retail price, like $600." I asked, "Are there any other options?" The response, "No." The customer service rep was Shariee and it was at the Tallahassee, FL store on Apalachee Parkway. When I got back home I went online to Verizon Wireless to see if there were in fact no other options. In fact, there was one other option. If a phone is not functioning a customer may purchase a Certified Pre-Owned Replacement. Shariee never mentioned this. The website states "Certified Pre-Owned Replacement devices can be ordered at a Verizon Wireless store or through Customer Service at (800) 922-****. Certified Pre-Owned Replacement devices available through this program are not sold online." Later in the day I went into another Verizon Wireless store. Knowing exactly what I was looking for, the Certified Pre-Owned Replacement device, I asked the rep about it. I cannot recall the name of this rep. It was at 5:52pm on the same day. The rep stated, "We can't do that in the store, you have to do that online." I told her, "Online it says you cannot do it online and must do it in a store." Her response, "I just had a customer come in and do it today, you can only do it online," was less than helpful. I reminded her that, "On the website, it says you must do it over the phone or in a store." She said, "Well, you should call them." I asked, "Should I do that from a pay phone, because I have no working phone." She let me use the phone in the store. The first rep was very nice and when I told him what I wanted, he said, "Alright, let me check on that." He was unable to find ANY available replacement devices for my HTC Droid Incredible 2. He could find none and suggested I contact technical support because, "Sometimes they can do some tricks to get phones to work." He looked some more and, after being unable to find a phone to replace mine, sent me to tech support. The tech support rep was also very nice, and just as useless. She asked me what was wrong with my phone. I told her it would not turn on and her response was, "Well, there's nothing we can do about that. Do you have insurance?" My answer, "No." She then went on about "Upgrading the line from another eligible line on the account." Again, completely neglecting to tell me I had any other options than upgrading the line and renewing a contact. I declined that offer politely and left the store. I am still without a phone, and on a contact with no way to use the services I am paying for. I was given the wrong information by customer service reps in an attempt to coerce me into renewing a contract from another line. I was blatantly lied to, multiple times. It appears that the reps will lie and neglect information in order to secure a contract. This is illegal. You cannot lie or neglect pertinent information in order to secure a contract with a customer. I used to work in sales, I know the laws, we tried to do whatever we could to make sales. This tactic is illegal. I would like compensation for my time and a new device for the duration of my contract.
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