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Gaspari Nutrition - Worst Customer Experience of My Life, Even Tops COMCAST!

I ordered a 5lbs tub of Chocolate Peanut Butter protein off of Amazon because I've tried the Myofusion CPB before and enjoyed it. Upon mixing my first shake with this tub there was a funky after-taste that I have never experienced before so I decided to call Gaspari Nutrition's customer service. I placed the phone call on a Tuesday morning on my way back from a workout, the rep asked if I could email her the information and I said, "I'm driving right now can you email me a reference to _______@***_ so I can just reply when I get home", to which she says sure. At about 4pm that day I still have not received an email so I call back, a different rep picks up and I explain the story all over again. I indicate Jane Doe was supposed to have emailed me. The rep says Jane Doe is still here and has a note to email me, but she's not by her desk. I ask if this rep can help me by providing me Jane Doe's email or helping me instead of Jane Doe since nothing has been filed. To which she says, "This is out of my control, it's her case now and she'll get back to you today." in a rude and snobby tone. 9am Wed rolls around and I still have not been reached via email or phone, so I call again. The same rep as yesterday picks up and I explain the situation AGAIN. She says she remembers me but Jane Doe is out of the office today not feeling well and she'll leave a note to get back to me when she returns. She takes down my email and phone number for Jane Doe again as for some reason she is still unable to help me even though NOTHING HAS BEEN FILED. Thursday passes with no contact and I decide to let myself cool down and give them some time. Friday comes and I call in at 9am again, get the same rude rep on the phone and I greet her politely hoping to kill her with kindness. I ask for Jane Doe, the rep says she's not at her desk but will put me on hold. I sit on hold for 5 minutes and the rep comes back and says, "sir she's busy right now, what's your phone and email address so she can contact you?" Again, I provide the information and she acts like this is totally new information. 45 minutes later.... I receive a call back from Jane Doe, she starts out the conversation immediately by passing blame onto me, "I tried to email you immediately on Tuesday and Wednesday as well but you gave us the wrong email address." I tell her to please spell it back to me and she does in the exact correct form. She says she doesn't know what the issue is then. I say, "I gave you the LOT number, my address, and even the barcode to my product in question over the phone. Do you want me to email it to you as well?" So I get her email address and enter it into my outlook email. Jane Doe says, "Ok I'll get back to you if I don't receive your email." I say, "Why don't we just wait here while it sends really quick to verify you have everything and it'll save both you and I some extra time down the road". Jane Doe says, "I've got more important things to be doing than waiting on the phone with you, I'll call you back if I don't receive it." I say, "You do realize you can just click "send/receive" and it should update instantaneously?" Jane Doe says, "Yeah, I know. Oh it just came into my box. Is there anything else I can help you with?" I say, "What type of timeframe am I looking at here for a resolution?" Jane Doe says, "Anywhere from 2-4 weeks until our manufacturer gets back to us, but I don't know what will happen with the order or anything" I say, "thank you for your time Jane Doe, have a great day." In summation: I had to call 4 times over a span of 4 days, I was treated incredibly rudely on the phone by both reps as if I was some *** causing them a huge nuisance, I was accused of being wrong, and I could not be given ANY type of resolution information. I previously loved Myofusion brand protein and use it to cook in everything. I probably use a 5lbs jug in 1.5 months, which is a valuable customer. However, this experience was unacceptable by any company, I don't care how enjoyable or valuable their product is.
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