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Home Shopping Network - Remote control loss of control

On my Comcast HD Channel for HSN #804, if you stop on this channel for more than 1 second you lose control of the remote. It will not allow you to switch to another channel. Your channel selection buttons holding down the freeze and do not operate. By trial and error I found that by holding down the up/down channel button for 4+ secs. it overrides systrem. When I called Comcast, an agent said that it was a transmission problem & they would check it out. HSN you lost a shopper! This should a concern for the Fedal Trade Commission to investigate
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It happens to me all the time. Customer service pretends that they never heard of this issue.

So bogus.

I have stock in comcast. I think I will go to the annual meeting and vent


This had made me so mad, I will never buy from HSN again.

I am blocking the station from my TV!

And my elderly grandmother poor thing, she can get out of it and you have to go fix her TV


i have the same complaint and the fcc does nothing 2 years this has been going on


I agree with the above complaint. This needs to be addressed but the FCC. Shopping channels should not be allowed to take over the remote.


Same happened for me on qvc via comcast. This is so wrong.


This has been happening to me and I don't even use HD. I've always been happy with Comcast until now, but this is so infuriating that I'm about to switch companies.

I have a friend who works there and I'm going to ask him to make it known that they're losing customers over this.

Appreciate the tip on the override.


This HSN channel "problem" has been happening to me also, but only when I am watching on my HD DVR box. All my other cable converter boxes are just fine and it does not happen with any other channels. this is not a "transmission" problem in any way, that is a lie by Comcast. What we have are is a case of collusion between Comcast and HSN and as a result the Consumer is screwed.

Some how, Comcast's or HSN's very own "Geek Squad's" have figured out a way to temporary disable the Viewer's ability to change channels via their cable box's remote control when ever they enter the channel number for HSN. There is no way is scam can be legal, at the very least it most be breaking some type of Consumer protection law and dare I say , could it be against our constitutional rights? They have taken away our freedom to chose the channels we want. Not that our founding fathers had the foresight to envision the creation of any type of electrical invention when they were writing the constitution.

I do plan on contacting the all levels of government and the contact all regulatory agencies and file my complains...We should all do this, so We can show Comcast and HSN that they can not be allowed to this. Is HSN that desperate for viewers?, that they need to "trap" unsuspecting members of the public, in hopes that they can be brain washed into buying *** that they sale on their channel.


Happens to our remote also. Thank you for the shortcut with the channel change button.

What a joke Comcast, you know you and HSN have a sweet little agreement going on.


The same thing happened to me when on HSN channel and when the notice shows on the tv screen press ok to order and you don't after about 10 min it locks the remote.

I called Comcast they didn't know why the box locked up but the guy told me to unplug the cable box from the wall and wait 10 sec. It works but you loose the info on the menu so your changing the channels blindly for up to 1/2 hr.

This is the 3rd time i it happened.

It doesnt happen on QVC. I will try the trick with the remote.


I don't think it's only HSN, I think Comcast is in on it. It has happened to me several times now. I'm going to contact the BBB because this seems illegal.

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