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Sony - Does NOT stand behind their products!

I had this 50" TV about 3 years when the picture got a green tint. It was my kids' TV and they were 3, 4 & 6 at the time and they didn't care. The warranty period was up so I didn't do anything about it. Last week I found out that due to a class action suit Sony had extended the warranty for an extra year. But I never got any kind of notice. I called them up and they basically said too bad. After going up the chain a little finally someone said they would offer me a new 55" TV for $950. Only problem is I can get the identical TV at Best Buy for $925. I called back to complain about the deal and was told that was their final offer - to offer to sell me a TV for more than I can buy it at the store. Some deal!! Doesn't matter that I paid over $3,000 for the TV and that they know that it had a defect. I asked why I never received any information about the extended warranty and they said they only told people who called about it. Why would I normally call Sony warranty service about a TV that was no longer under warranty? I've spent over $25,000 on Sony products over the last 10 years. Never again. Customer service is horrible - that is if you can even get to someone that you can understand.
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Customer service is horrible. It's outsourced to the Philippines and they are almost as bad as the Indians; they have no way to escalate to the US personnel.

That said, your TV probably had a one-year warranty (maybe 18-months if it was an XBR), and the recall would have extended it to two years.

Since you had it for three years before you noticed a problem, you wouldn't have been covered anyway. You did register your purchase with them, didn't you?

Most people don't. If you don't register, you don't get the little recall notices.

If you're going to spend $3000 on a TV, why not an extra $100-200 for the 5-year extended warranty?


bigduck, I empathize :upset

I had similar problem with SONY products. I have gone through many run-of-the-mill A/V (CDplayers/VHS/DVD procucts over the years and grown weary of their life span vs. actual usage. I had believed that SONY had always constructed superior products in the past, so why not get a new DVD/VHS recorder in spite of the higher price tag ($229), mea culpa. I bought it with a 2 year warranty and it only lasted for about 13 months. I took several months to obtain a proper offsite diagnosis of the problem plus obtaining an RMA# for its return. I was also informed at this time it could take up to 8 weeks for any return of my product and the only facility for said repair/replacement in the USA was in Redrock, Arkansas. So I returned to the store where I bought unit and was told the very same thing. I reluctantly had the store ship it back to SONY. I did however find the exact same product being sold as a floor model available in the store for $100. I thought great, so I arranged a 'loaner' purchase with the store until my product was returned, happily I didn't leave empty handed.

Fast forward.... 'Loaner' worked perfect and then my replacement arrived. It was a 'brand new' unit, boy was I happy until it became unoperational after 6 months, funny thing was it had the same problem as the one I had shipped back. I got on the phone with SONY again trying to resolve why a brand new product they shipped me as a replacement became inoperable after only 6 short months. They apologized and requested I ship it back at my cost for $129 all inclusive cost for out-of-warranty product. Coincidently the PC Richards floor model which I eventually purchased as backup unit began to act up as well, so I reluctantly sent in the 'brand new' unit for repair/replacement @ $129. Meanwhile the 'floor model limped along but maintained functionality, certainly better than the unit I was returning after only 6 months.

Fast forward 8 weeks or so.... The 'brand new' unit is returned and now a notably refurbished one. Mine had a bad drive unit the RMA said. 2-3 months into this madness and the unit fails again, meanwhile floor model goes kaput as well. All in all the PC Richards 'floor' model outperformed the 2 replacement units hands down. I now have 2 units dead, approx $600 in the hole plus the actual time loss of an such product usage. So much for a SONY warranty (2 year) and any 'brand new' unit's warranty or lifespan.

Fast Forward...

Update: I went investigating for another DVD/VHS recorder to no avail, as they became crippled by the DCMA restrictions, I did however find the 'real' reason for the failed SONYs, it was the unit's DVD drive itself that was the problem. It's seems inferior manufacture of the drive they placed in these units were defective from the get go. not something SONY publicize in anyway shape of form. I found out in product reviews that followed years after these models were sold. anyhow I purchased a competitor's unit which is working just fine now for the past 8 months, no VHS but hey I still have plenty of functioning ones hanging around. I will never buy another SONY product as long as I live.

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