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Johns Appliance And Bedding - NO CUSTOMER SERVICE

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5 months after buying a brand new washer and dryer, the dryer stopped working. The dryer would not heat. My washer/dryer are still under warranty and haven't even paid off yet. I called on a Monday and was told they couldn't get a repair man out here until Friday. Then they called Wednesday to confirm the repair man to come on Thursday! Between 10-2. Receive a phone call Thursday at almost 1pm to tell me their apparent only repair man is sick and no one can come out until Monday. He comes Monday, tells me the service code the dryer is coming up with is "Heating panel outage" but it seems to be working he tells me and I quote "Could be anything and is just a guessing game at this point" So I called because my dryer is heating, the dryer says the heating panel is broke BUT who knows?! After he left I did laundry, put it in the dryer...2 hours later still soaking wet!! I call, manager is unable to talk. She then leaves me a voicemail "I got your message, you can call me back if you want but I'm not going to do anything until I see the repair tech's paperwork at 5." I called she never once said sorry, never said they'd take care of it, never said anything reassuring or anything relatively close to what someone in customer service should say. Instead she was completely dismissive, didn't listen to anything I had to say, just kept telling me she couldn't do anything. I had her boss "JR" call me. I told him she was rude and he literally spent 10 minutes trying to convince me she was a nice person and the repair man was the best of the best. He kept saying "life happens" and "hang in there" like this wasn't their wrong doing and somehow my problem. He even suggested other repair companies. They toke NO responsibility for this and treated me as some sort of annoyance. It took the credit card company to tell them they were going to dispute the charges for them to do anything!! Once that happened they were overly polite and so gunhoe to help. Sent out two repair men out here, they removed the broken heating piece and told me it was fixed. Thwn a couple days later they call saying my new piece is in, which didn't know it was needed. They send out the first repair man to put it in. He tells me all confused, this new piece is already in there. So who even really knows if my dryer is missing a piece or not! Everyone who works for this company is completely unorganized, unprofessional, rude and has NO customer service! Worst experience I've ever had with a business! I wouldn't suggest anyone buying from them! I'm in complete shock that this company has survived conducting themselves in this manner
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