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I bought some bracelets from Cian Jewels as a present for my for my bridesmaids. Firstly, i had to pay £36 for postage and packaging, there reason was 'so postage can be correctly paid individually for each item.' that didn't make any sense to me but i had to pay it as i had already bought the voucher. The bracelets came and they looked really cheap and tacky like something i had gotten from a gumball machine. Cian Jewels claim to sell luxury jewellery DO NO BELIEVE them, they are a scam of a company and i would not pay even 1penny for any of their product ever again. To put the icing on the cake, they have the worst customer service ever! which i actually believe it is the same woman that makes this jewellery that is also the 'customer service agent' Booooooooooooooooo Cian Jewels!
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BUYER BEWARE! I work for a jewellers and the stuff Cian sells at fake prices on voucher sites is absolute rubbish.

Nothing they sell costs more than £1 wholesale from China. I regularly see them selling 2 different bracelets which they claim have an RRP of £45 & £50 respectively. We sell those same bracelets for £2, they cost us 50p to buy wholesale from China!

Plus their "luxury gift-bag" they shove the cheap tat in, cost us 4p wholesale.



Well I must say I bought earrings on woucher from Cian jewellery and they were lovely and came on time in a lovely little pouch. I was very happy with the service and the earrings.


To be fair do people seriously believe the original price tags of this jewelery ? This company is selling a number of different items through wowcher for supposedly massive savings wowcher take 50% of the price you pay so if a company is selling you a piece of jewellery at a profit for between 6-10 pounds its going be costing them a couple of pounds to buy its going to be rubbish made in China for pennies may as well buy jewellery from the pound shop ;)


I also have purchased this rubbish from a wowcher offer. I bought a bracelet meant to be worth £50.

reduced to £12.00. It arrived and one half of the bracelet is twisted as it is meant to be . The other half is not. It is of an irregular shape and it claims it is Swarovski!!!!!.

I have sent an e.mail to Wowcher but not had a reply back.

I wonder why. What a scam!!!!!


I bought a necklace and eating set via wowcher for £12

For a gift for my mother in law for Christmas off my son,

I thought for £12 I can't go wrong and I was right

Came within a week of ordering wrapped up in a bubble envelope

I definitely wouldn't pay £90 off cian website but having

Said that the jewellery looks lovely fine for her wearing out in the

Evenings in fact debating weather to keep it for myself, totally satisfied with the product

Looks good :grin


I've been waiting a month and a half for a bracket I brought from cian jewels terrible service I contacted them two weeks ago they said it should be with me within a few days but nothing when I called the customer service was shocking no apology nothing never ever ever would I buy or recommend them to anyone and I plan to make more people aware by setting up a facebook page!


Paid for a Wowcher promoted bracelet at the start of July and have yet to receive the product. I sent a courteous email to Cian Jewels but so far have not received a reply.

Their customer service seems to be shocking and their promise of sending the item in a certain time frame unreliable.

Not the way to run a company! Dreading actually seeing the item based on others' responses I have read.


I also bought a bracelet from cian jewels, they have sent me the item no problem, but it came non recorded post and a "diamond" from the bracelet was in the bottom of the bag. Plus a couple of the others are miss lined in the jewelry.

It took them 11 days to get my item to me, costing me £5.

I can get jewelry from a nicer place, may pay a bit more. Sent to me FREE postage for maybe £10 more.


I just received a set - crystal bracelet and matching earings-they look nice! however I also ordered a bracelet on its own for my friend and the clasp is useless.. but the customer service seems ok-I complained and I have been sent a lovely necklace as compensation.


Thank you so much for all the comments, i was about to buy a wowcher for a jewelry set present for my friend's b'day from this company ( YES!!! WOWCHER STILL SELLS THEM!!!!

:eek , don't think they give a damm about complaints,I have one for neatcigs/woucher unresolved for 2 months!!!) NOT A WOW FACTOR AT ALL...Groupon and KGB deals are better. 8)

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