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Microsoft - Bing Search Bar

I foolishly downloaded the Bing search bar after seeing the man-on-the-street commercials where everyone chooses Bing over Google. I decided that I did not like the way it opens every link in a new page, doing away with the back key. Bing is now firmly ensconced in my computer and nothing I have tried will remove or disable it. NOTHING. I have tried dozens of tips and hints I found online for removing it, the most amusing of which are the ones that suggest simply going to control panel, programs and deleting Bing. Hahaha. It hides from you so that you cannot find it anywhere. I would definitely equate Bing with any other trash-ware that you accidentally download in a rush to download software and then , because Bing overrides my settings. Disabling Bing doesn't work. Resetting my default search engine doesn't change anything. Do a search for the word "Bing" in your computer and nothing comes up. Clicking on the "x" next to the search bar in Explorer and simply disabling Bing is not helpful, since mine is located in an omnibox. Every time I do a search, I have to click on my Google icon, because Bing reinserts itself as the default search engine every single time I try to do another search. I can't set my default to Google because Bing ignores it. I will NEVER EVER stop until I remove this piece of *** from my computer. My next computer(soon) will be a Mac, and I will never have to deal with this company again. Bing is like a stalker that believes if they refuse to go away, their victim (customer) will fall in love with them. Instead I hate them more and more with every minute spent trying to remove Bing.
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Apple - They make it impossible to retrieve forgotten IDs and passwords

My old hard drive crashed three years ago. My ID and password for my iTunes account was in it. When I got my new laptop, I spent DAYS and DAYS trying to find information on the internet on how to reach SOMEBODY at iTunes for information about resetting my ID and password- without opening a new account and losing the hundreds of songs I already purchased from iTunes. I finally gave up, figuring it was not worth having a stroke over and did not try again until today- three years later. If you go to the iTunes forum site, they ask you to log in to post a question. WTF? With the thousands of people who have lost ID and passwords, why does iTunes require users to enter an ID and password to log in to ask how to retrieve an ID and password? Absurd! Their answers are all canned and there is no way to ask a specific (NOT GENERAL) question. It's not possible to explain a problem in detail in one sentence, which is all they will allow "guests" (people not logged in) to submit. When I first tried logging into iTunes today, I clicked that I had lost my password. A form popped up asking for my name and present email address, plus my PREVIOUS email address (which was the one associated with my account, but which is now defunct). I felt a dread when I filled that in, KNOWING they were going to send the information to a defunct email address, which, of course, they did. If they ASK for my current email address, why don't they USE my current email address? I had also forgotten the birthdate I used, because I use different birthdates for the simple reason that I don't like my real age being used to tailor music suggestions, ads, etc. I have literally spent hours trying to find SOME way to contact SOMEONE who can actually answer ONE frigging question. I believe Apple is so greedy that they intentionally make it impossible to retrieve forgotten ID and passwords hoping that you will give up, open a new account, and re-buy the music you already own. I do all my shopping online, and Apple is the ONLY company that makes it impossible to retrieve lost ID and passwords. Google Play Store allows me to download purchased apps as many times as I like, so there is no reason for iTunes not to make it easy to retrieve forgotten IDs and passwords. They just hope you'll give up. I hope and pray that sites like Spotify put these greedy thieves out of business real soon. I will never buy another music download from them again.
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Probably because itunes support reps can't help with password issues. Go to and search for precious id, you can send an email to yourself to reset your password.

If you can't figure out how to reset a password, or find a phone number that is your problem.


Tried that. They insist on using the email address that was connected to my account when I opened it.

That is now defunct and I have a new email address.

They have my new email address, but choose not to use it, and offer no other options. I'm sure iTunes also considers it "my problem," which is why I will never use them again.

@Fern Porras

Really? You don't even know how to update an email?

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Netflix - Terrible Selection of Movies

I made a list of 50 highly acclaimed and hugely popular films, then checked to see if they were available on NetFlix. Out of the list of 50, only 9 were available on NetFlix, and half of those were only available on the DVD plan (I am on the Streaming plan). With this kind of selection, why do I need NetFlix? Here's just a fraction of the top movies NOT available: "Fargo", "In the Bedroom", "House of Sand and Fog", "Cassandra's Dream", "Frozen River", "Snow Angels", "Owning Mahowny", "Sophie's Choice" (!!!!!!!!!!!), "2 Days in the Valley", "Rachel Getting Married", "Agnes of God", "Days of Heaven", "Primal Fear", "Gone Baby Gone", "Unfaithful", "The Painted Veil", "Mystic River", "Slumdog Millionaire", "No Country for Old Men", "Up in the Air", "Away From Her", I could go on and on and on...
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The original commenter is correct. NF does not own the content, it is negotiated, contracted, then licensed out.

Contracts are time-based and shows and movies come and go. All you have to do is call in or chat in to customer support and give them, as feedback, all on your wishlist for them to alert the team for what is in demand to negotiate. This site is called Pissed consumer.

You're really going to let $7.99 per month with thousands of shows and movies *** you off because, (stomp foot) you can't get precisely what you want when you want it? Don't get your nickers in a twist.


Dont blame netflix..the copyright. Owners Are to blame.

Netflix. Dont have the rights to stream alot.

Of. Movies.

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