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You're all probably will think i am Anthony, anyway i dont care about you lot, i am looking for an Agency in London and i am currently looking online before booking myself up with one or two. After i have read all of what you guys had to say, i will choose Adora just because its well known that the more importance you give a company the better the company is. I would totally not go with an agency of whom you never heard about. I will use my intelligence and see judge for myself ! Not through people's frustration.
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hmm very aggresive, just like Adora employees.

English as a second language, just like Adora employees.

Arent you the Damian who several reviews ago threatened a lady saying you could trace her ip address?


You couldnt trace your own name, now f**kk off back to where you came from


Yes useless people on here ! Some that i call : error of nature ! Shame you're even born ;-)


Ahh Damian - yes I saw some of your vile comments on whosnumberisthis.

Dont you usually use Damian 666?

Defo an employee!


See what normal person would search a complaints site and then write that?

You just wouldnt do it.

I had a great experience the other day at Mc Donalds - the fries were crispy, the drinks cool and the burger awesome.

Now apart from the line above I did not feel the need to find a complaints site which highlights how Mc Donalds makes people fat and/or destroys the plant and start lambasting the reviews saying how great it is?

You only get online a do that if you have a VESTED INTEREST.

As do the employees of Adora. So maybe you are not Anthony/Nigel but you are certainly employed by them - if you can call being a scammer a form of employment

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London School of Modelling - TOTAL RIPP OFF AND *** ARTIST

Had my photos taken there on purpose to assess how they operate. It's a disgrace. They treat you like nothing (strategic plan to making you believe they have power) THEY ARE ALL STUDENT WORKING THERE, so nobody gets paid for making you believe you will deal with professionals. You photo shoot is an utter scam parade. The photos are sent to India to get airbrushed for 1p and come back like you've been through waxing shower. They employ freelance wannabe failed celebs to be there and making you believe that if they are there, then so can you. They'll present you with ASTRONOMICAL packages such as £3000 but then reduce them to £1000 if you pay on the day. Who pays £3000 for a portfolio ? you, why, because they make you believe that by the following week, you'll get signed up for big contracts. AVOID AVOID AVOID please DO NOT enrich those people who should be in jail. AND BY THE WAY, there are no such thing as modeling, school, if you have it, you don't need it, Models are naturals. And if anything, the ones that are eligible to give you advice, are the agencies themselves, the ones that signed you up.
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I have never been to this place, but i just want to comment on you saying there is no such thing as a modelling school - i was a model for 10 years internationally and have shot for most of the top mags - i can tell you now its very difficult to just have the look and stand in front of the camera it took me years to learn how to do it - everyone needs training, if youre not pulling off the pictures on a photoshoot you wont be hired - its as simple as that!


Hi there Iv just received a tex regarding my daughter to go on a modelling day but luckily I used to do it myself so I Khow u don't need to part with any money if a reputable agency represents you as they Khow they can make money off u so normal protocol is that they do the photo free although u can get your own portfolio but don't pay *** money-If u have it someone will spot it but u need to be in the city or London to hopefully meet one of the model scouts walkin rd! Either way good luck to anyone and remember u can promote yourself through the power of the Internet ! Also the agency had just called me and Iv just repeated what Iv just said he's calling me back as Iv explained I'm a single parent.!


PLEASE PLEASE can somebody advise me on what to do.I have a daughter who was 13 at the time of having photographs taken at LSM and I got sucked up into buying her portofolio which worked out to £2570


Dont pay it brina its a full on scam!


Just to say, I experienced the same deal with Kube Studios in London: student amateur photographers, *** MUAs, and a load of smooth-talked bollocks when they come to sell you your photos at a complete rip-off price. I learnt the (very) expensive way, should have known better, and will not be repeating the mistake.

DO NOT go near them. I am now with an agency, whose comments when I showed them the images taken at Kube, was that they were not worth the byte-space they were using up; completely worthless as portfolio pics.


I just got a call today and they are changing me money for a day 200£ i have had scam already but i am aware now not to go again for the agency who ask money


London school of modeling is very unprofessional and told us that my sons application was successful. Wow wee.

They then said we must phone back by 6.40pm to confirm a date for training otherwise they wouldnt except our application. Who do they think they are ordering me to call back with credit card details.scammers.Very patronising and i feel sorry for anyone who has been conned by these money grabbers.

50 quid an image and much much more after. Thank God we wernt fooled.


Has anyone cancelled monthly payments to lsm because they found out it was a rip off???


It's funny that an 'employee' of LSM has to come onto this post to 'justify' their scam. If it wasn't a scam, you wouldn't need to post your 'good feedback'.

I think slander is a bit of a strong word, if this many people have made complaints then it's obviously not the 'students' that are in the wrong? But then again, they have to try and salvage what is left of their reputation by posting successful testimonials on a site dedicated to warning people about their scam. Funny that!!

Of course, no one is promised work, that is a given, but pressuring naive girls into believing they will be successful by paying £2,000 for a portfolio is just day light robbery.

Do not tolerate it, this is not a professional establishment. Seek legal advice, ha. What for?

People posting their TRUE experiences? From what I've read, (look into the mirror and radio times reviews too if you don't believe me, even they know it's not all it's made out to be!) I'm so glad I didn't go through with my application.


I applied yesterday for LSM and today I received a message saying I've been successful! Great, I thought.

So the girl on the phone blew my ear off for about 15 minutes about these so called "success stories" that assist you in your quest to be a model. I smelled a scam as soon as they started saying about their 'high quality, professional' studio in London. (I live 20 mins from their London studio address, and trust me on this, North Finchley is not glamorous.. Like they make it out to be..) so I was thinking as she was chatting endlessly without even taking a break to breathe, "how long until they tell me the fees." She says " normally, it's £95 for the 6hr session where you have your hair and make up done by professionals that have worked for vogue and glamour magazine, (why would they work in a scam studio in North London if they are such 'high flying professionals') I kept her sweet on the phone, and before even trying to get a word in she says "we need payment today to confirm your booking.

Today I will do it for £40 and that can go towards your photos and portfolio. Yeah right. I am a photographer, and I wanted to try out life on the other side of the camera, and trust me, what they are asking for in terms of printing, editing and portfolio creation is completely wrong. It doesn't cost no way near the amounts I have read people have paid to create a portfolio.

I'm sorry but it is an absolute disgrace and I am glad I didn't call her back once she was getting pushy for my card details... Since not calling her back they have called me another 4 times, no doubt to chase up the payment of my hard earned cash.

PLEASE LADIES, DO NOT APPLY, DO NOT PAY THEM A SINGLE PENNY. It's funny how they get so pushy when you say you don't think you should have to pay that much for something I KNOW costs WAY less than what they say.

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