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Kirby - 15 min turned into 3 hrs call the police to remove them don't buy audio record and let them Know and agree to the recording

10-20-17 didn't know about this web page. Told by Josh (Her boss) who stopped by only need 15 min for Michaela to win a trip to Denver Colorado. Michaela came in. Told her we had to eat and leave in 3 hours with my kids just drove 13 hours to get them the day before. Don't worry I'll be gone before then. The price started at $2,298 Michaela even had the nerve to walk into our bedroom twice and wake my wife up that had a migraine to talk to her home from work because it was so bad ( I stepped outside to check on supper in the smoker). She still refused to leave said need to do more to qualify for my trip. Stupid me should have called the police they ruined our hole day mood of me and the kids. She had to keep going to qualify for the trip. Had to shampoo the couch, chair and then do the kids matrices. She told the couch would be dry we sat in the next day and our clothes got wet she soaked it so much. By the time it was over was ready to throw their stuff on the front yard then some guy came in and said don't tell anyone, but we could do $36 month and $986 on a repossessed told them to leave head pounding from the loud squealing noise from the belt slipping. When they left they tore the quote up and threw it on the floor and left their dirty sample filters all over. Told me to call the Des Moines office, we don't carry business cards. When I went outside, and they drove away they were packed in a 15 passenger van and would not even make eye contact and no license plate on the van. They were there so long we didn't get to enjoy supper because we had to leave because of our plans with the kids. I lost the day with my kids but smart enough not to buy something that drops $1,300 when a 20-year-old manager comes in listen to what they say. They sell refurbished at the Kirby stores!!! The kids picked their trash they tore u and threw on the floor because I refused to buy it.
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One good thing about this pandemic is not having to worry about door to door peddlers.


Kirby has been using these same sales tactics since the 90s that I know of. Never believe anyone who has some story about why they need to enter your home.

You will always get a hard sale.

I would never ever let these people in my home. People who stupidly do need to figure out how to call 911 when they refuse to leave.

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