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First I would like to say "Amen" to all the comments. If you are looking for your case to get approved in 2-10 yrs this is the lawfirm for you.

My ex-husband decided to hire Myler law because he felt mentally unable to understand the process(he suffers from mental and physical disabilities), they helped him file his claim 9 months ago.. Well, he was denied at the 6 months mark(they said usaully happens) than 8 months in they said they needed the appeal paperwork(should'nt that have ask at the 5-6 month mark if that usally happens). They said after the appeal was filed SSI would file a court date(they said could take up to a yr or more.. After he spent the night in a homeless shelter and almost freezing to death I decided to take over. I called Myler law and demanded to speak to a supervisor. When I was speaking with him I was informed of many things they did not tell my ex-husband and that was only after I ask I swear 50 questions. He is changing law firms A.S.A.P


Someone named Brock is calling me leaving voicemail demanding money for medical records. He has my name and a brand new phone number.

I have never heard of this firm and certainly have never filed a disability case. SCAM people beware!!!!!!!!


My denial letter is full of lies and this after my lawyer w/ Myler said my hearing went good. They don't answer calls after the hearing and bill you for all the medical bills once the hearing is over w/ no notice. So, now don't know how to clear my name in this as they had all these records and gave me no warning.


Also told me to go to emergency room they pushed this on me to get mri and xrays now i have a court summons im being sued for 3000.00 and had to pay myker for all my medical records. now im really stuck money out of my pocket i dont have plus a law suit because of them.


Dont return phone calls never answer the phone change case managers every week at the hearings attorneys dont talk to help you meet five min. before hearing and tell me not to mention all my disabilities.

received another denial letter call attorney ten times beg her to call back never does then they drop me tell me im free to appeal claim alone i cant tell you hiw many times i mail papers to them they say they never receive them i emailed them all my medications sent in mail and still at my hearring the alj judge asks me for a list of my medicines. please find another attorney these people are not profesional at all trust me four years several disabilies two hearrings and lost everytime. i know have a great attorne that said they cant beleive i lost at the hearring with my disabilities and they are so ready to help always return my calls i dont have to wait five weeks ten calls and still have to keep calling.

thank god i have a real profesional now. :zzz

@4 years fed up!

please send me name of attourney I need help greenback@***.net thanks

@4 years fed up!

Who did you get? Has the new Attorney gotten you your S.S.I.?


Please do yourself a favor, get another firm to represent you! Myler will not return phone calls, emails and have no regard for time lines; you will do all the research, you will speak to several "advocates", as no one person takes ownership; your lawyer or advocate will meet with you a few minutes before the hearing,and will be unaware of your disability,as she/he would have reviewed your case only a 1/2 hour before (if that)and as my husband discovered never utter one word on his behalf at the hearing!!When you have to go through to the appeals process (as you will with this unprofessional office) they will discourage this process.

They just do not will never meet with anyone in person and I cannot believe they still exist in the legal field! Get a lawyer you can sit across the table with, that will listen to your concerns and FIGHT for you!!The added stress they put you through is ridiculous and disgusting.Get yourself a professional office to fight on your behalf to get what you are deserving of, that being not only the disability award but the RESPECT you deserve!!

We made BIG mistake!!


At least YOUR lawyers showed up at the hearing. They called me initially to go to hearing making sure I got there but I had to reschedule since I don't drive and all my friends worked.

They were very rude and sarcastic telling me that people worse then me drive. They asked if I can get a cab. The fare would cost me at least 200.00. I told them I had to reschedule so I get the letter saying when and where, I go there nervous and all my friends were telling me "Relax, all you do is sit there and the lawyer will do all your talking." On my way there I am calming down...I get to the hearing and they say that Myler was not scheduled to appear but my name was on the list.



I see your frustrated. Its normal. matter where you go or who you go through the process takes the same amount of time. SOCIAL SECURITY makes the decision not a lawyer


Absolutely, as well as all my specialist told me, SS has their own medical doctors, which they did, mental health doctors, which they did and a vocational expert which they did, who are all in the court.

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