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Hermitage Fitness Center - Dishonest in policy and conned in workout environment

About Hermitage Fitness: Made the mistake of letting Ed con me into an appealing 3 year membership assuming if I moved 50 miles away from Hermitage location I could pay off or cancel membership. When I call about the matter, the contract was reworded and I made the mistake of signing the papers and also not exploring the facility for more than one visit. I like the large track, but that is about it. The pool and hot tub are always filled with people who are retired and apparently just relaxing, not trying to get healthy, while I have to work out next to 50-60 year old plus people that swing weights from their head in some kind of contraption that could be used in a 1970s mental institution. Over all I am not satisfied at all with this gym and I want to warn others to investigate a lot more before signing up. I now have been donating money to them for over 2 years because of my own mistake and trust in Ed's word. I was polite to them, but there is no getting out of the paper work, even if dissatisfied. Hope others look into the YMCA or some other gym that is up to date and does not have a retirement home feel. Hermitage Fitness Center 3924 Lebanon Rd. • Hermitage, TN 37076 Phone: (615) 889-****
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Turnipgreen1968 was kicked out of the facility for fighting several years ago.


Been in business for 25 years, same name, same ownership. Very rare in todays world.

Offers any membership from 1 day to 3 years. It is the buyers choice, all options are presented. Of course a rep fills out the paperwork, when/if you have ever purchased a home did YOU fill out the buyers agreement or a company rep? Did you read what you signed?

There are several places that point out time and number of payments. As far as cancellation, if proof of move is provided, over 50 miles is correct, and cancellation fee submitted, contract will be cancelled. Did you submit your information as requested?

Just food for thought as you try to slander the club I have been a member at for 12 years! :grin


I am a member of Hermitage Fitness Center. I was approached by a male member in the men's locker room, and he asked me if "he could *** ...." and keep trying to feel all over me.

He kept on about it and asked over again and again, u know u want me to. His name is Scott Barnes. I reported this to the management and nothing has yet to be done about it. I feel very uncomfortable when he is in the gym when I am there.

He stares at my crotch, and just makes it a point to look. Come on dude. Really. The staff has yet to say anything to him.

He follows me around the gym and looks to c where I am at all the time. I am just about to the point to where I want to punch his lights out. Even thought I am ***, there is no reason for this. NO means No.

I don't really know what to do at this point, as I am under a contract? I spoke to the owner today, and she said she would look into it and she what she could do. So I guess for now I have no leg to stand on.

Very Upset. :(


You FREAK - you are living in a sick dream world! I would think twice before publishing names, whereas, it might come back to *** you, or would you like that?


Brian Wiseman or turnip green - however you want to hide- it is not wise to slander and use names. Everything you have mentioned is so far from the facts. Facts are, you are ***, found no action and became upset.

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