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Walmart - Bad for our Economy!

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FYI, Walmart provides insurance for both full and part time associates. As well as STD, LTD, Dental, life and a bit more. Associates receive discounts on Verizon phone bills, free checking at banks, a much more depending on where your located. I wonder if a mom and pop store can or have ever offered such insurances or discounts? Get your facts straight. At least the people working at Walmart who are on welfare are working. I would give them my taxes twice before I give my taxes to the individual s breeding, feeding and sleeping on my dime.
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Jokerjay O
*** Wal-Mart NEVER offered those benefits when I was working there...I had to be full time and an associate for six months...well, my six-month mark arrived, and they cook up some *** story to justify shafting me like they do to a lot of their employees. Trust me on this...WAL-MART is an EVIL CORPORATION. :(
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Someone charged $599 on 95 yr mom's WalMat card -so they say

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It may be a Walmart credit card but I'm sure it is a bank your dealing with not the retail chain.
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