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I have had my 2010 Dodge Avenger SXT in the shop more and more every month that passes. Here's a list of things that have went wrong So Far; trunk leaking, trunk seals deforming, engine belly pan fell off twice, climate controls went out, can't keep third brake light from going out, mold in trunk from leak, transmission jerks from time to time, they had replaced my grille which is now falling off and scratched front bumper. I reporting this to save another person from making the same mistake I did in pruchasing a vehicle from either of these two dealerships or even a Chrysler product. They will not stand by their product and have been taking their time in service which feels to me like they're trying to push it off so my warruntee will expire. DO NOT I repeat DO NOT buy from Chrysler unless you like driving a loaner car and paying for a car you dont technically drive. I believe the mechanics at these dealerships have put more miles on my car then I have in the past 3 months.....
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Also, I took my vehicle to Sam Leman after the fact, and without the "aftermarket" antenna they had found the leak in different location. Your service department had tried for 2 weeks prior to this and was unsuccessful in recreating the problem.

The day I picked my vehicle up from your dealership, I took it straight to Sam Leman and within 3 hours they had found the source of the leak. But now its back and worst then ever. I did not like how I was accused of my car being in a wreck in the front either.

It was inspected in 5 minutes, which to me is not enough time to identify the source of why my bumper is sagging. Feel free to contact me today to get this straightened out.


I would just like everything resolved. I would not like to go about pressing charges unless this is resolved or something like what happened today happens again.

I was simply expressing my concern and yes I am frustrated but put yourself in my shoes. Would you want your family exposed to mold? Since removing the aftermarket antenna, which is used for volunteer emergency storm spotter, my trunk has still leaked. In fact, I was informed by Pekin PD that my taillights were out and when inspected had burnt caused by water.

I've had this problem since March in 2011. Also, my bumper, which I was accused of it being in a wreck, is now damaged. How would you feel if you were the consumer and were having these issues?

Feel free to call me. Service has my number.


Nate Hoehn,

I am the General Manager at Uftring Chrysler in Pekin. I was involved when you started coming to get the issues resolved with your car. I am very confident in saying that we acted quickly in trying to help you. After looking at your car you had done some modifications to it, that unfortunately does have an effect the warranty. For instance we determined that the leak in your trunk was caused by an after market antenna. We try our best to take care of every customer, and do everything we can in our power to keep the cost as low as possible. I am sure that the Dealership you work at as a sales person, has the same philosophy. I am sure you realize how important it is to keep customers happy, with all the choices they have. Please feel free to contact me, by phone or in person. You could just walk over if you wanted to, I would be more than happy to spend some time with you.

Steve Porter

General Manager

Uftring Chrysler

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