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A not so nice text message

Enchanting Limo #590676
To any consumers reading this please allow me to explain. I am the fiancee of Kurt Steiner and he did not send the text messages posted above. I did!!! These comments are not posted as a professional courtesy but as a vindictive action by the friend of an EX girl. Kurt would never cuss at a stranger on the phone. He is very professional. I was fed up with her repeated attempts to interfere and lost my patience. For this I apologize. It wasn't very ladylike of me. My comments to never contact that number again were directly meant for her. Not in a professional context but a personal one. I only asked who is this to confirm it was her since her messages came in the form of a group text. I'm truly sorry my frustration spilled over onto the business but I will assure you there is NO danger of any verbal assault should you choose to contact enchanting limousine for your ground transportation needs.
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I personally have used this mans service before, and not only did he hit on me, but he kept calling me numerous times AFTER picking us up. It was so *** I had to change my name. Not a company I want to do business with.