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Purchased a Spny TV in 2006 cost over $ 5,000 for a 60" which in three years trhe screen kept getting greener and greener. Called Sony last year and they offered a replacement which was a tv that was only a fifth of the cost but figured better than nothing. Once the tv was recieved you could tell that is was cheaply made but what can one do?? They are the BIG company that does not care about the CONSUMER... Then within 13 months the LCD panel went bad which now they do not cover because its 1 month after the tv was out of warranty. So they offered me a refurbished model for almost $700.00 with 90 day warranty.... I asked to be transferred to the propoer channel and then they offered a new tv for almost $ 1,000 which is not even close to what was originally purchased making. We have only 200 hours on teh LCD my husband was livid at their audacity but who cares its SONY they can do whatever they want and not even care that their products have gone down the drain. I WILL NOT PURCHAASE ANTHER SONY PRODUCT. I had a similar problem with the VAIO LAPTOP which they never fixed this is the last draw. I have cameras from them and several tv's they do not need my business and possibly dont need yours if you read this.
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You spent $5000 for a TV. Did you buy the extended warranty?

You saved a couple hundred bucks but caused yourself all of this aggravation.

Do you expect electronics to last forever? Good luck with that. You were lucky to get 6 years out of it. When did it start getting green screen?

Did you call Sony right away, or ignore it, hoping it would fix itself?

I have had my own issues with Sony, but seriously, people, most of you are shooting yourselves in your own foot.

If you're going to spend a whole lot of money on a TV, buy yourself a little insurance, and expect that it will need to be replaced in 5 years. Spend what you're willing to throw away, because that's what you'll be doing when you buy a new TV to replace the old one.


I have been a Sony consumer and yes they have gone down the road of *** so I stop buying when their CEO died years back and knew they were going to turn to capitalism behavio :) r. Now back with them and found out the extended warranties here in Aussie no longer exist as of 2011 so I made my views on their products that they will not be worth very much.

The person was a good listener but don't know about the Sony machine. Linda

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