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Wells Fargo - Gave out personal info to my coworker

wells fargo has been harassing me for the entire time i have had my car. twice they lost my payment and i had to bring them proof w/ my reciept and printed check. thank god i didn't pay w/ cash. then today they called my work i never gave them that number and gave out information on them wanting to repo my car. i'm 2 payments behind and they wont except a payment that would cover most of that, unless i can come up with all of it! I hate dealing w/ this company and would rather walk than deal w/ them anymore. I'm looking into what I can do to get them to stop harassing me. One lady actually told me maybe i shouldn't have cable, or stop eating out so much. they don't even know my life style, nor do they see my bank account. I will never do business w/ them again! If anyone has any ideas on where to go, i would love to hear them! I'm gonna call her supervisor but i'm sure that wont do anything anyways
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You lose the right to complain about being harassed when you don't pay your bills. I am sick of these commercials referring to "harassing creditors".

Pay your bills and you won't be harassed. No one held a gun to your head and made you buy the car.


If you are too cheap to pay your car payments you deserve to walk. You also deserve to have people make comments on you.

You deserve to have them tell other's about your being behind. Who do you think you are that you don't have to pay your debts.

You want them to stop harassing you pay your bill. Infact they should take you to court because you are not mature enough to do this yourself.

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