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Advanced Investigations - Investagates MUGSHOTS.Extortion.

I am Alanna Crespo 423-641-**** I am Alannalover60@***.com. I have spoken top cops and people who've had their arrest thrown out from setting people up.Mugshots.Think Why? would they take pictures of people and write They got them.You know people see you and Your guilty.I haven't been able to get a job in 7 yrs. Alot of people are wondering why? They are allowed to do what their doing and getting away with it.Its against My Rights.I was innocent.THey didn't even check to se If I was guilty or anyone else.Id You look online.THey where arrested the 2 owners for extortion.WHy? Are they allowed to go take people pictures.A friend shot himself. He's was expunged his kids turned their back on him. These people are wrecking people's lives.They get nothing out of this unless you pay their buddy see thats, why theuy take your picture so the other guy will say for 700, will take your name off.Now you have other sites promising to help remove your information for a certain amount of time.But YOu have to pay every company getting in on ripping people off.Please U have the power.People don't like what any of these sites are doing. There all connect 1 takes pictures and posts the other collect money to take off,a report Isn't just there to put u out the world in say you were arrest for xxx .Next you get people wanting to take it off for a free.,like many cops said how is it their allowed to do this its against the law there needs to be a law a bill. Something someone who goes out and interviews these people brings this noise out to the public will have a story of the century.You can stop this and close it down.I never thought anything like this would happen to me.,I took a kid to a pharmacy a friend askd me to take him to get his meds.He gave me money I went and bought it.I thought it was for seizures I didn't know he did drugs.One day you will get an arrest and then you'll see .Their there to see you arrest get the picture eager to destroy you life.not 1 time did they check to see the courts results they don't care if you innocent.I have texts from them.They need to be sued I'm reaching a lawyer tomorrow.I want to start a bill .I am sure Congress will pass the bill those guys are always getting arrest 1 day your going to be innocent as I was and they will destroy everything you have worked for in ur life.Also 6 yrs ago I got charged with the only failure to consent.I got angry at MUGSHOTS and was speeding and they told everyone it was DUI.IM afraid of shots.I said take my hair not a needle.The mugshots are a few low life men.WHo are DIRTY.DIRTY.How can they say their cover by the 1st amendment?they haven't read it all I have their breaking so many peoples right PLease.Please help.See they put the sign up where protected by the 1st amendment.I can't believe so many people are just excepting what they are saying.Their taking it clearly out of context.They have broken many people Right.IN Laughing about it.
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Mugshots Public Record
  • Remove their site remove them from the online web
  • Ask the community close them remove their site 1 in 4 all
  • Depends if u let them foul n lie to u
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Close their Bussiness They hurt the citizens of this country.They harrassee Take peoples picture,They don't check to see If your innocent.They don'y even investage .They harrassee by posting an inocents person was arrested Stopped me for 7 yrs from being