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UPS is closed the day of New Years Eve??

First off I want to state I'm not super pissed or anything. I just think this is kind of ***. I have a package being delivered through UPS. It made it from Alabama to Lexington, KY (30 min from my house) very quickly and I have no complaints about that, but it is going to have to sit for the next 5 days because the UPS center (or whatever) in Lexington is not open on Saturdays and they will be closed Mon and Tues for New Years. Now I understand being closed on New Years Day (kind of) but there is no reason whatsoever for them to be closed on the 31st. There are plenty of people with normal jobs that work the 31st and I don't see any reason for THE ENTIRE COMPANY to shut down. Is it so their employees will have ample time to get whatever drinking out of their system and sober up before coming back into work? I understand most UPS employees work very hard and fully deserve as many days off as they can get but give them individual vacation days. The thought of a company as large as UPS shutting down for New Years Eve is just ridiculous to me. there is nothing special about it until night time so why can't they put in a days work? I also think someone should be in their distribution centers on Saturdays if they are not going to make deliveries. Anyway, I'm sure it all comes down to the Union. Next they'll be closed for the entire week between Christmas and New Years as well as Valentines day lol.
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How about you *** and take a minute to consider the life of a ups driver who works 10-12 hour days every Christmas eve and the Sunday's leading up to Christmas to make sure that your oh so precious packages make it to your pathetic homes. *** up and get a life.


That's their *** job, delivering packages. Thank them for doing what you pay them to do? No delivery on two business days in a row is terrible.


Oh, poor UPS driver. I've worked as a line pilot for a major airline and have worked ON CHRISTMAS DAY, when I had low seniority. Seems to me that there's no need to take both New Years Eve AND New Years day off.


They dropped the ball for me too. Placed an order the morning of Dec 27th, paid extra for 2 day shipping.

Order tracking showed shipping label printed on the same day. UPS finally picked up the order on Jan 2nd, a week after the order was placed and the shipping label was printed. UPS tracking number showed the shipping label in their system but not a pick up till the 2nd. Delivery finally occurred on Jan 4th, after the package sat over night on the 2nd/3rd at a terminal 2 hours away.

Package should have been delivered on Dec 29th or Jan 2nd, not Jan 4th. The company I made the purchase from did everything right, but UPS blew it.


I understand your frustration, however, UPS values family time and allows its employees to spend time with their families. Instead of being upset that they are closed, you should admire that a company actually prioritizes family time, which can't be said for too many companies now a days.

Perhaps you can order your products earlier next time and not during the busiest season. UPS has a calendar every year on their website which clearly illustrates the dates of shipping and what guaranteed days of shipping you are looking at during the holidays....


I completely agree. My package is currently sitting about 5 miles from my home, at the UPS distribution center until Wed, Thur, Fri, or as if UPS feels I really need a lesson in patience, Monday!


You can't wait 5 days? Have some patience, it is not a big deal.


atleast you had time out of your busy day to post this rant, following your own ideal of productivity hmm? or maybe double standard living.. blow it out your ***




Ups drivers will be delivering air packages and nationwide call centers are open. I will be working New Years Eve into New Years Day. Only customer centers are closed and no ground packages are being delivered.

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