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City of Montgomery, AL corrupt and crooked revenue scam

Montgomery Alabama #586869
noone has given specific evidence to prove there is no corruption. None of it makes sense to the average person caught up in this revenue scam and relieved of their hard earned money because of these criminals.

I will not give up on this. I have taken a proactive approach against police and government corruption. I have started a blog where people can report things and share information, I have started a Facebook page of Cop Block Arkansas. I have called into local radio shows and posted how corrupt they are on and numerous sites. I have started my own investigation of the city of Montgomery and other corrupt municipalities in an effort to help anyone I can not have to contribute to this illicit revenue scheme.

Police use these ridiculous laws to have probable cause to stop you so they can go on a fishing expedition. Maybe they will find drugs, or find someone with a warrant or if they really need the money at the time they could plant drugs or evidence on you just to get a Bust and the revenue and asset forfeiture that comes with it. That's why they are corrupt the laws give them a license to steal and they take full advantage of it.
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