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Dear Customer......Hy-cite has been in business since 1959. We have millions of happy customers. Our products are are not sold in retail stores. We invited you and your fiance to a 90 minute cooking seminar in exchange for a promotional gift package.... No Purchase was necessary. We offer financing to help consumers purchase a good set of Lifetime nutritional cookware. You can pay the balance off at anytime without penalty. If you have additional questions please contact customer service.
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Where to start with these guys. Well, I guess a good analogy might be, "It's like buying an overpriced item that you can never pay for from Adolf Hitler." My then fiance, now wife got invited to a seminar because my wife entered "raffle" for a free honeymoon and "won" so off we went to the seminar only to find about 20 other "winners".

We sat through a husband and wife demo of how the *** works, all the free stuff we'd get and what a great deal it all was. The husband flat out refused to tell me the interest rate stating that "everything comes with interest but with a deal this good, the interest won't make much of a difference". So, like "high on life", optimistic young newly weds do, we trusted him. Now, I've been paying for about 2 1/2 to 3 years on the *** and when i get a statement I see more and more of how I got screwed.

Not only has the principal not come down after about 50 payments but, it's actually gone up!

I still owe them $1,100 on a $1,900 purchase after 50 payments. Our government micromanages everything but, when we really need them to step in and protect us, where the *** are they?