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This is a complaint about one of the worst furniture companies I have ever had to deal with. This company is about the worst at catering to their customers. The worst customer service and shipping I have ever had. Not only did the order take 2 weeks to place, it took 4 months to ship, then they damaged 10 of the items. When they sent it back they only refunded the items and not resend me another. I had to re-order the item just to get them to process paperwork on it. On top of that they wouldn't process that for another 2 days. I have been waiting for 5 items for 5 weeks and only received 1. Now its another week for the other items. I encourage everyone to not buy anything from this company(Trendway). Their free standing office cubicles are cheaply made and some of the parts look as if they have been make-shifted together, most likely from China or another foreign country. I placed several calls to the President/CEO of Trendway and he stated that their products are made very well...Of course this guy is going to state this... The President (Bill Bundy) was very unprofessional and we exchanged several choice words. This guy is supposed to be the leader in the company, however, acts like a little child. I will never conduct business with this company again. Next time I will purchase from HON, Teknion, Knoll, Steelcase, Herman Miller. This company should be out of business with the way I was treated. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. So disappointed. Also, I called the Trendway Dealer Rep in my area and he showed much concern about my problem. I could not be more happy with him. A little dirt too he shared with me is that the CEO likes to get Erotic Foot Massages when he visits Foreign Countries. HAHAHA. Maybe if he would focus more on the company and customers then the business would be able to focus on growth, instead of his happy ending surprise..
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I have never bought from Trendway direct but have assembled many units made by them here for a non-profit and they are heavy duty for sure.

To fit one wall under an obstruction I took it apart and shortened it. I was impressed with the construction, it was built well. While assembling and working around the units I installed I have climbed and stood on them while standing on them and they don't even wiggle, real stout.

Not sure what the posters problem is.


A few things in this post are true. Trendway is a furniture company. And Trendeay does have exceptional sales reps in Michigan. And Bill Bundy is the CEO. I am Bill Bundy.

The balance of the post is unfounded. Untrue. Lies. WillJohn intended harm to a company I am so privileged to lead, to me, and to may family. Shameful.

This post is not anonomous. Bill Bundy

And thanks to the two others who posted comments. The dealer post I know because I know the business described with our company well.


Trendway is a great company and whoever posted the lies above should not be believed. They have been in business for over 40 years and have served customers very well.

Too bad some people are so full of venom. My experience (and that of MANY others) shows Trendway and the whole team to be highly attentive to details, hugely responsive, and overwhelmingly positive to work with.

Don't trust WillJohns123. Untrue.


I find this really hard to believe as we have had nothing but superior service from Trendway. They've gone above and beyond what was requested of them and they could have billed us extra for the extra service provided but they wrote it off.

I've worked with a lot of furniture manufacturers over the years and Trendway is hands down the best we've ever had the pleasure to work with. This person's experience sounds exactly like an experience we've had with another furniture manufacturer. We haven't yet discontinued working with that other company because sometimes there are projects where it seems like nothing goes right - no matter how much effort is put into it. I've met Bill Bundy in person on several occasions and he is very genuine and down-to-earth.

If he spoke to the person above as he describes, (which I doubt), then he was probably reciprocating the language he was receiving in order for that individual to comprehend the conversation. Trendway has the best delivery record in the industry - 99.9% on time with the fewest punch lists. They have one of the shortest lead times - 2 weeks, and for express items the lead time is only 5 days! Their customer service staff is wonderful as well!

Everyone we speak to and Trendway has always been very nice and helpful. This dealership LOVES Trendway!

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