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Vian Kennels - Alexis Leann Vian - VianKennels Alexis Vian of Vian Kennels In Michigan is a very immature Person. She attacks many people and leaves a trail of hate and dispise behind her. Read below and see what people think of her She spends her time harassing people, and spreading hate Very Immature Person Alex Vian Alex Vian did write this report and whatever comes out of her mouth is a lie! Her emails and her writing on these reports are the same style! So deny it all you want Alex Vian, we know it is you! You will probably have someone step up for you and say they wrote it, when in fact you did it! You aren't fooling anyone! The last time I heard someone say 'nananana and boohoo' they were 3 years old! Real mature! Alex you can state all you want about me, the fact is Terri Don nor Lori Montgomery, NEVER sent me the written statement from their Vet, either by email or by postal mail! Because if they did, I would be contacting their Vet and asking many questions about what he/she said on it! Why would I tell them they couldn't have another puppy when the facts are clear in what their Vet supposely wrote about Teddy! The question is, why did they wait 6 weeks to contact me about a health problem? When Terri signed a contract that said they had 72 hours to get to their Vet to have the puppy check out? The contract also stated that there was no guarantee that the puppy they purchased would be breeding or show when it got older! Terri Don nor Lori Montgomery were not sent an email from me cussing at them! You can probably fake that to, by writing up a fake email from me stating that I cussed at them in the email but I didn't. Whoever bought dogs from you from this ripoff report are not using the brains God gave them because if I saw this and read all the rebuttals, I would think twice about ever approaching you for anything. How would they know that after they bought the puppy/dog, that their names wouldn't be up here because they said the wrong thing to you? Because you are just that kind of person! If you aren't in the middle of causing TROUBLE or as you say your so called 'MISSION' you wouldn't be happy. I am so happy that you have time to sit at the computer for hours on end trying to find different web sites to put your lies on. Who is taking care of your dogs, they aren't getting the care they should when you have nothing do but sit at the computer and hunt and hunt, write and write? I have saw several sites that you tried to post these lies and they deleted them because it was not verified! Who in their right mind would want to associate with you, let alone buy a puppy/adult, when you swear and say lies about people! I guess there are pretty *** people out there! The reason you give away your dogs is because no one wants to buy them from you and you have no choice but to give them away or you would end up with more dogs! No one is making up anything about you, Alex! The truth is in what people are saying and how they were treated by Leah and I. I guess the reason people who bought dogs from us, not once, not twice, but in many cases, three times came back to us, to buy another puppy! These people weren't breeders but pet families! The reason people haven't come back to you with the puppy they purchased, with a problem, is because you scared them to death with your demeanor and personality! And not only that, the way you talk to people with your smart mouth and cussing! For your information, since you seem to know everything about us, April Collins hasn't bred for over 6 months! So put that in your pipe and smoke it! She only has 3 to 4 dogs! You only threw her name in there because you was on my web site! You are enjoying this back and forth game of who can out do who! But it is really *** because your words are lies and you can trust the thingst that come out of your mouth. You try to blackmail me by telling me that if I gave half the money back to Lori Montgomery and Terri Don that this will all stop. Well, you can forget that because you can keep on going and making a complete fool of yourself. We know the truth, our pet buyers know the truth, and God knows the truth and it isn't anything that comes out of your mouth that is true by NO MEANS!
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Just to inform everyone.

I got word today from a good friend that Alex Vian now has a Personal Protection order in effect against Shannon Antor for stalking, obsessive behavior and threats on her life and the lives of her children.

Personal Protection Order Number PPO # 09-00-706-PH filed in Jackson County.


Your just too funny...I'm dying here...lmao

Post anything you'd like about me because I don't

It gives me great joy to know you have nothing better to do with your time then make up stories and write about

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