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Max Works Towing Products - TowMaxx harassing homeowners/tenants and guests

Update by user May 04, 2013

Sorry, the driver of the truck gave his name as 'Joseph' but Manta has the owner of the business as Dwayne Williams.

Update by user May 04, 2013

One other point to prove this is harassment, my neighbor told me that TowMaxx gave her a message to give another resident of Arbor keys that she woke up and whose vehicle Tow maxx did not get to take - the message was to tell the resident that "they (TowMaxx) are going to get them). That's plain and simple harassment and threatening of the residents. All the resident did was get in their vehicle and moved it before the wrecker could take it.

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The Arbor Keys complex in Tamarac apparently have an arrangement with TowMaxx and what was supposed to be enforcing parking and making sure cars of stickers on them have now turned into blatant harassment. This morning at 5:20 AM, May 4, 2013, neighbor came pounding on my door to notify me that TowMax was outside towing cars belonging to RESIDENTS because people were parked in wrong spots. When I went outside my car was MOVED by TowMaxx, the driver of the truck is DWAYNE WILLIAMS, and placed in a different spot from where I had parked it. I was parked in a Resident spot (where I have been parking for the past 5 years and where it's LEGAL to park. Dwayne Williams placed my car in someone else's spot and I felt had my neighbor not seen him do it he would have taken my vehicle and accused me of parking in someone's else's spot, when he was the one who placed the car there. When I asked him why he moved my car he told me that I shouldn't have been parked in the Resident spot, I should have been parked in my assigned spot. It's perfectly legal for owners/residents to park in a Resident spot when not parked in their assigned spot. It seems that they are no longer making money from towing vehicles of visitors, so now they are harassing and towing the vehicles of the Residents. I will be calling the Arbor Keys association on early Monday morning about Dwayne William's criminal act.
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I have had the pleasure of working with Tow Maxx for years. The Condo Associations have a contract with a parking enforcement company.

The parking enforcement company ensures that the parking rules and regulations of the community are enforced. This is per the contract that the Board of Directors has in place to enforce parking rules. This is the Board that was VOTED in by owners in the community. Anyone in violation of the rules/regulations set forth by the Condo Association, are violating the rules of that community.

The parking enforcement company then lets Tow company know of the violations and the resident or tenant's vehicle gets towed. The resident/tenant gets upset, however, owners receive Condo Docs that state rules/regulations and included in any approved tenants application package for residency, a set of rules and regs are supplied. There are Tow signs posted through out the communities advising of a Tow away zone or Towing enforced. Most communities will have info about parking rules on their gate at the entry to the community.

Shame on the resident/tenant for not reading the Rules of their particular Association.

Rules must be followed.

The towing industry is a better place because of Towmaxx.


towmaxx only tows cars that they are told to tow by parking enforcement companies towmaxx is a really good company definitly the best i have seen


absolutely nonsense! i am a foreigner and i came to visit a family member!

my car was parked in a guest park space but I parked my car by backing up in that legal guest park space! early the next morning my car was gone! i called the police and was told it was towed bytowmaxx! are you trying to tell me that your good company towmaxx had acted right?

if you think so then tomaxx probably pay you to write this comment or you are towmaxx yourself! in my case what anyone should do here is to give a warning for aprox 24 hrs!not tow away someone's car and in which i had to pay 124usd to collect my car! well i am going to get into this action real deep! someone has to do something and i am going to be one of those persons!

you know what they also did? lucky for me they did write on the receipt that they towed my car because i backed up in a park space! remember my parking wasn't illegal! they just towed becos i backed up!

i live in europe and i travel all over the world as an artist and i never heard or see this before that any city or country or anyone would tow your car away under this circumstance! let's hear what the judge have to say about this!



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Max Works Towing Products - Tow Maxx

I called to have my vehicle towed and Tow Maxx, wrecker operated by Joseph left nothing but scratches on my NEW car. Do NOT DO business with Tow Maxx. Josepsh, the driver and it also seems his the 'owner' of the business, he is incompetent and they will cause you more grief. When I asked if he's going to compensate me or help repair the damages he told me that I acknowledge to be responsible for any damages caused by towing whenever I call for a wrecker. I will no doubt be seeking legal help in this matter because he made a mess of my NEW car.
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