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DaVita Dialysis was charging my Insurance up to $30,000 per month

I was a dialysis patient at DaVita before my transplant and it was VERY expensive. I was 20 years old and on my parents insurance plan and they were charging my insurance up to $30,000 per month because I was insured. Since had insurance, my treatment cost offset all of the people that were on medicare. Now I find out about their Medicare Fraud stealing around $800,000,000 from the U.S. Taxpayers/Medicare. The thing about it that really *** me off is that they made the cost and ability to get insurance go up. Now it is nearly impossible to get an insurance company to 'pick me up' or allow me to get coverage because the risk of me going on dialysis is there (and always will be), and a kidney transplant can cost upwards of $250,000. DaVita has benefited financially from people with Kidney Failure that are in need of medical care, insurance and they made the cost of everything attached to it go up. They stole money from the U.S. Taxpayers. DaVita should pay, and there should be a class action lawsuit that forces them to pay people like me that are now having difficulty obtaining private insurance for a reasonable price, or that have gone uncovered and into 'pre-existing status'. Throw the heads of their company in jail and strip them of their licenses and make an example out of them.
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But they did keep you alive until you got the transplant right?

The BAstards !


They're not doing it out of the goodness of their hearts! Kent Thiry, the head of DaVita, pays himself at least 17 million a year, some years almost $30 million, and he has no medical background. I used to be a DaVita patient, but I switched to a non-profit clinic and now I'm much happier.


THIS AIN'T *** PEOPLE. I too am a Davita dialysis patient with private insurance.

I am billed %5,092 per treatment... that's $15k a week, $60k a month, $722k per year. While my insurance pays $696 per treatment, that is still 500% over and above Medicare.What's worse is that Divita financially benefits from the full amount billed. Consumer Fair Trade and prices act...

Usury laws... ethics and conduct... HELLO? Considering group health insurance is underwritten based on claims billed and not claims paid, I stand a snowball's chance in *** of getting health insurance next year with a premium under $85k plus 10k deductible.

A Govt. program??? are you kidding me?

been there and done that... and it sucks


You can apply for insurance with the government. there is a program for people who have been rejected for pre existing conditions. my husband was covered by it.

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