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Bellas Boutique - Bella's Boutique in New Port Richey, Fl.

Brought my stuff to a consignment shop/boutique in Elfers next to Winn-Dixie on highway 54. The ladies behind the counter seem to want everything for themselves; not for the store (Bella's Boutique) and kept checking the sizes to see if they fit. My daughter was actually concerned that they were not going to put my stuff out and that they were going to keep it for themselves. Signed a contract for 90 days of consignment with Bella's Boutique bringing approximately $4,000 worth of high end merchandise. When returning after the 90 days to Bella's Boutique, much to my surprise, the store was closed up completely, emptied out, no signs in the windows. I was never contacted by phone, email, or snail mail to let me know what happened. I finally asked the Pest Control store inside the plaza what happened or where the store went to. The man behind the counter said they moved near McDonald's on highway 54. When I arrived and went inside the new location, they had changed names and when I asked where my stuff was, she said a check was in the mail. I noticed six pairs of shoes displayed on the counter of Bella's Boutique new location that still belonged to me and she said she would extend my consignment contract for an additional month since they were closed down for a month, changed names, and changed locations, but still never contacted me. Waited weeks for my check to arrive in the mail from Bella's Boutique, to no avail. Returned to Bella's Boutique and asked where the check was. She said the check had been sent out today (11/3012). I asked how much the check was for and a list of what was sold, to my amazement; $25 was the check they were sending me in the mail. I asked where is all my stuff and she said that it was in storage. Keep in mind you only have 90 days to sell it, or they supposedly give it to charity (or keeps it for herself?). She proceeded to put her partner on the phone who was nice and apologized and once again said she would extend my consignment for additional 30 days, but how can you possibly sell items that are not out in the store to be sold? THIS ONCE AGAIN LEADS ME TO BELIEVE MY ITEMS HAVE EITHER BEEN SOLD OR KEPT FOR PERSONAL USE. I told the lady I would rather have my items back to me. While still on the phone with lady, I thought the clerk was going to attack my teenage daughter over the counter. She was extremely unprofessional by using foul language and putting her hand with 3" nails in my teenage daughter's face while she was simply trying to ask about the policies of the store due to other items that we wanted to consign. At the end of it all, my daughter told the clerk she was going to write a blog about the experience at this store and in return was threatened to be sued by the clerk of the store, Bella's Boutique. I d not recommend Bella's Boutique; too many unanswered questions and very unprofessional.
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I have had a similar experience with this outfit and would suggest no one do any business with these people. They have moved again and do NOT return phone calls.

NO money in return to clothing either. POOR BUSINESS!!!!


Once again, this store has pulled up stakes and moved out, taking their customer's items with them!! Donna Davis was the owner and as the previous poster mentioned, she has done this before.

I called another business in the same plaza and was told that the boutique owner had been evicted. I've been a customer with this store for many years, through several ownership changes and a few location changes and it disgusts me that Ms. Davis really messed up what had been a great consignment business. She kept items long past their contract, never mailed payments and never notified anyone that she was facing eviction, from either retail plaza.

That would have been the ethical thing to do; at least let your customers retrieve their items before you vacate the premises! Sadly, those of us whose stuff is gone will likely never see it again.


I hear they kept the good stuff and donated the rest to the Sheriff Youth Ranch...Not sure but I heard they were going to open another shop or thrift store maybe near the spring hill area....Its sad when someone no morals to keep doing this.

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