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Planet Lazer New Westminster, BC

You can't imagine how disappointed four 14 year old boys were when they were brought to Planet Lazer, fully expecting to enjoy a friend's birthday, when they WERE NOT ABLE TO PLAY. And why were they not able to play? We echo the zero organization in this place. We called to confirm that there were no large parties involved on the day we wanted our son to enjoy lazer tag with his friends. We were told "sure, come on in". We couldn't confirm anything as the party of four was too small. Sure enough, when we arrived with kids in tow, there was an exclusive party booked who had booked weeks before. We were NOT TOLD of this large party, even though the phone calls were made. Can you say disappointed???? Disappointed times ten. Is there something wrong with checking your records to compare notes on the day we want to come in and the day that says on your lovely computer system that a large party is playing instead???? Exclusive huh? Oh, and even though we were willing to mix in with this party, THAT isn't even possible because the Planet Lazer staff has been instructed NOT to deal with any of those issues? Really? So, Planet Lazer, how do you suggest we deal with a disappointed and upset group of kids? I'd like to see you try and smooth that over. After requesting to speak to the managerial type of individual at this place, you're faced with blank stares, and an "I'm not allowed to divulge the name of the person in charge" response from under-trained staff. Good experience? Hardly.
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This place is horrible. Our kids went for a birthday party and the wait time was so long, not due to the number of other poor people who were sucked into playing, it was because of the disorganization, and zero service.

The only thing staff know how to do at this place is take your money. It is also so noisy, and super dirty, it's shower time right after for the kids who play at this overpriced, badly managed outfit.

Save your money, don't go to Planet Lazer New Westminster!



Why would anyone even waste their time responding to the complaint posted (Sarah). What you have here is two lonely people with nothing to say.

Who cares if Planet Lazer was too busy to fit you in- deal with it, what a sour bitter woman. And who cares about needing to school a miserable person. You can't speak logic to idiots. Give it a rest and find something else to do like make a reservation next time.

I googled planet lazer new westminster and I have to read this! It confirmed my desire to book our party there, I know we wont run into retarded parents cause those are the ones who don't make reservations and are too busy blogging - what a joke.

Mary Anna


Sounds like you got caught with your pants down. Who would think that any business would turn customers away in the hopes that you would show up?

"Really" is right. It gets my goat when I read customers thinking the world revolves around them. Sounds like the place you wanted to visit gets busy - obviously or why would you want to go there. Now you attack them because there was no space?

I run a business and schedules and facts change all the time. Unless you have an agreement with a business then one shouldn't assume anything. Poor company, was running a business and you felt like they should have been on the ready just for you.

Poor kids, who's parent was less organized than the business she is slamming. Sounds like a fun place, think I will bring my kids there and guess what....if there's no space because they are too busy, I think we can deal with it and wait, or come back when they can fit us in.

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