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Mislead.....just want to give unit back to Carriage Hills

I have asked the resort (Carriage Hills Resort) in the past to take the unit back due to marriage breakdown. Once upon a time there was someone at the resort that agreed, however, he is not there any longer. GIVE IT BACK FOR FREE. Divorce, lower paying job, etc. but they have rejected my offer and would rather send it to collections, payout those collection costs and in doing so, ruin my credit rating (in the end they would get the unit back!) I have explained that I do not want anything for it - it's free. I paid $10,000 for it but I want nothing for it to return it. In desperation, I even wrote a letter advising that I was exercising my rights under the Consumer Protection Act about the cooling off period stated in my contract as it was incorrect but that has been rejected. I also pointed out that I was mislead about them telling me they will help me to sell it only to be shown a document that I did initial at the HIGH PRESSURE SALES PITCH that I acknowledge that the decision to purchase was not based on representations regarding resale ability or value.......". THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN MY FIRST CLUE THAT SOMETHING WASN'T QUITE RIGHT! I just figured the resort would take the interval back, sell it and make $$ on it and then have someone use it who truly could enjoy and afford to use it. The resort explained they are not in re-sales but only new, but really once the resort is completely built and after it opens on day 1, surely at day 366, someone is going to be staying in the same unit from day 1 now making it not new! To add insult to injury, suites are being advertised on hotel rental sites and units are being rented out to non-owners who have no vested interest in the property so of course why would those strangers give a hoot about taking care of the resort/unit like "it's their own" which is the basis of owning a timeshare unit - you treat like it's your own. And it doesn't matter that it isn't resort inventory - the people staying through travel sites have no vested interest in maintaining the property nor do they pay maintenance fees! Maintenance fees which are paid to meet operating expenses are increasing which I'm sure can be directly related to expenses for taking care of all of the units that are being rented like any old hotel room to people who have no vested interest in maintaining the property. I just don't understand why the resort would rather have a disappointed owner and turn me over to a collection agency than just take the unit back.
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There are likely hundreds of original owners who have buyers remorse on this timeshare crud, at this resort, due to newbieness when the bought it. They - and you - can't give it away, for the exact reasons that you don't want it in the first place: hard to book time, $1K maintenance fees, no frills (such as Gold club, etc.) until you cough up more $$$, life changes, distance to resort, etc.

There are places on the web where you may be able to give it away, BUT that's after you've paid the next 1-2 yrs of maintenance fees PLUS offer the buyer say a $1K incentive to take it off your hands. (yes - give him +$1000 free money).

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