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Removing Ascentive Downloads

I just removed Ascentive from my computer.... Go to Control Panel click add/remove hardware. Then find PC Speed my Computer, then click remove. A blue box will pop up when it does click remove. Quick and easy! My Sister found the program listed as Speed PC in her add/remove hardware. Ascentive is good at hiding there software just keep cool and it can be found in the control panel add/remove hardware area. Remember to look for programs that you have installed recently and that refers to the speed of your system. It can be found fairly easy!
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I've never used Ascentive's *** but I read that it locks up control panel so you can't delete it that way.

Also Ignore any positive comments about Ascentive. The only people who say about Ascentive, Are Ascentive employees posing as satisfied customers


please inform me because ascentive is not letting me remove this bull from my computer. i have e.mail them three times about the problem and it still there a virus iam sure and they don't want to fix it file and i'll sign also. :( 8) :upset


Ascentive--What a bunch of BS--toliet paper is better at cleaning a PC then their products. Left another competitor to try them and what a mistake!!!

To top it off can't get rid of them. So let Credit card company cancel their funds.


Uninstall does not work on my computer when I try to remove this BS. I never even bought their program - just got the free trial.

I can't get in contact with them - their e-mail problem takes you into an endless cycle.

I agree with a class action - anyone else?

They have NO RIGHT to not allow you to remove their program from YOUR computer.


You can remove "most" hard to remove programs with a small program called "Kill Box". It's a drag and drop program, simple to use.

You may drag and drop or simply browse for the ap. you want to remove.

Go to the search engine of your choice, type in kill box

and download the free program. Google is probably the best choice.


i have tried using control panel to remove ascentive software but it simply invokes an endless cycle of error reporting. trying to remove it from the start menu fails because it says the file is protected.

system restores don't seem to do it either.

any ideas? or at least a phone# to contact these *** or poetential class action.any ideas would help :(


thank you "mom in la".i had in the meantime found the way to remove Performance Center(ascentive) by using "uninstall".what a relief!! many thanks for your concern,anyway.


Some of these so-called "pc utilities" get slick and don't show up in add/remove programs. You can *** it out by deleting all files and registry entries but it's not easy for a novice.

If you have system restore active, pick a date prior to the install and resore to that point. That can br the quickest and easiest way to get it done


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