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Vector Marketing Company - 90 minutes wasted, only to learn I was being weaseled into a pyramid scheme

I am 18 years old, and will be the first to admit that I am a bit naive at times. So after feeling dejected after a bad experience with working at Wendy's and spending weeks looking for jobs; I was thrilled to find out that I was going to an interview. I had originally seen the job listing on the site called and in the job description it made it seem like you would make 15 dollars AN HOUR. So I go to the place, and it is located in a very quiet business area; it was a bit hard to find because it was in a small suite. So I go in and am greeted by seemingly nice people that seemed to be just a little bit older than I am. I was then escorted into a large conference room with several extremely small black desks with the chairs attached. There was a man already seated in one of the desks, and my stomach dropped a little because I realized that it was going to be a group interview; and that was something that I was hoping wouldn't happen. But I went with the flow and sat down and began filling out the form that they had given me. We waited around 20 minutes altogether as other people arrived. When we were all there we waited for about ten minutes before the branch manager came into the room. She was a very friendly woman of pacific islander descent and she seemed very charismatic. She told us to scoot our desks into the middle of the room where a large desk sat. She proceeded to lay out the format of our presentation and what areas we would cover. Anyway, we moved onto learning about how we were going to be selling Cutco KNIVES. This is the part that threw me way off. I had not heard knives mentioned until then, and I was about to flip out when I found out that we were going to be selling them to people by COMING INTO THEIR HOME. As you already figured out, the notion that someone would be naive enough to let in a knife salesman into their home with 20+ knives in their suitcase is simply ridiculous. The scheduling time was just plain bizarre as you were told to just come into the office and fill out a form for your schedule of the week. It did not seem to be structured in the least. You were expected to go to the clients house where you were going to give the appointment with your own transportation. She told us that we would get 15$/per hour as in per appointment. And that threw me for a loop. I was very skeptic and decided to stay a bit longer. She then took two of us at a time into her office to tell us whether we were going to be hired. When I went in she just simply told me "Welcome to our team". and handed me some manual. This is a pyramid scheme, and I didn't take the job offer lol.
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I am sorry this happened and your time was wasted but that bit about knife salesman being invited into a strangers home was absolutely hilarious. I have been laughing for so long that my abs feel like I did 300 situps


What a disgusting organization! I have a 16 year old.

I will be sure to warn her against this rubbish. She needn't take my word for it either, thousands of reports about this garbage online.


Good morning -I work in a corporate office of Vector and wanted to clarify a few things. First - Vector Marketing ( is a direct sales company ( and our sales representatives work with us as independent contractor - NOT employees.

This is why travel is not reimbursed. Your travel other business related expenses are just that - business expenses. Independent contractors are just like entrepreneurs/small business owners so you decide where you are willing to travel, etc. We encourage everyone to keep mileage records for tax purposes.

(FYI - Realtos are also independent contractors and REMAX does not reimburse for gas mileage spent showing clients potential homes). Secondly, Reps set all appointments ahead of time (via referrals and networking) so you are not simply showing up at someone's door. Lastly, all job postings state that it is a base pay per appointment. This is a sales position so there is also an opportunity to earn more via commission.

I'm not trying to convince you to work with us - just wanted to be sure you had the facts.

Good luck with your search. Feel free to reach out to us at vectorpr@***.com with any other questions.


Nope, that is not true. I have an interview with them on Monday and the woman made it clear not only in the ad and the website and on the phone with me that you would be paid $15 an hour.

NOT appointment. You should do more research on what your companies are saying because they are quite misleading.


Sounds very strange! Good that you passed on this offer!

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